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8 Leyton Road
Pop Up Shop opposite Waitrose
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September / October 2023
10am-5pm (Sun 10am-4pm)


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28a Debbie Knight

Working predominantly with oil paint, Debbie Knight has spent the last few years building a vocabulary of marks and painting in an expressive and abstract manner. Her work is ever evolving, but fundamentally she returns to the same core themes; she has a deep interest in ancient history, myth and faith, man's origins and common dreams. This, coupled with being a keen observer of the world around us, both natural and man made, its structures and constructs, all have a voice within her work. Through colour and layering, texture, scratches, adding and removing paint, Debbie builds an image which is open for the viewer to interpret, but shows an outward expression of the drama that has built the image. An attempt to keep beauty and wonder showing through, as more menacing marks lay on top. A battle she aims to win when deciding that a piece is finished. Debbie has had a number of solo exhibitions this year under the title ‘The World in Abstract’. She has a fine art and teaching degree.

Telephone: 07941 240589
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28b Amanda Xuereb

Geometric abstract drawings and paintings which explore line, shape and colour.

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28c Anne Hignell

Contemporary, impressionistic, colourful approach to landscape in mixed media

Anne’s paintings are an intuitive response to the world she sees around her. Her interest is taken by a colour, or strong tonal contrast or perhaps a linear quality. Observational sketches and photographs are used as resources but are left behind, as the painting develops, layer upon layer, its own momentum.
Ranging between abstraction and representation, Anne’s work is contemporary and impressionistic with a strong sense of place.
Her recent work is based on her garden as well as local landscapes and has allowed her to explore and develop the use of a wider range of colour, mark making and tonal contrast.

Telephone: 07968 688686
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28d Danny Wilkins

danny wilkins ceramics cornish

After training in graphic design at Harrow Art School in the 1970's and working in the design and graphic arts industry ever since I've always been inspired by the beauty and relationship of colour.

In the 1980s I was able to reflect this in my slip cast earthenware ceramics.

I'm now at the early stages of my education in throwing various clays on the wheel but my love of colour still remains. I see clay as my canvas.

Being a proud member of London Potter's and the Craft Potter's Association adds to my inspiration in clay.

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28e Sarah Broughton

Cow parsley

I have an experimental approach to my printmaking which can produce ‘happy accidents’ and the unexpected in my work. Line, simplicity of shape, texture, colour and small observed details are all evident in my work. The usual subjects of my work are landscapes and natural forms.

Telephone: 07506 142139
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28f Susan James Dean

Yellow twist. Crayon and ink wash

Mixed media drawings and paintings focusing on the figure and landscape. Through the combination of different media, Su creates layers of texture and colour to encompass ideas of movement, change and renewal.

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28g Susan Lee Kerr

papier mache griffin

Witty, colourful sculptural papier-mâché originating from the Mexican alebrije tradition. Birds, dogs, mythical beasts, a rainbow zebra, a turquoise coyote, an Elizabethan cat, a fish-headed man, anything you fancy! These fantastic creatures are created from simple newspaper and wire, flour-and-water, acrylic paint -- and imagination. Occasional workshops available.

Telephone: 01582 290349
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