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8 Leyton Road
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September / October 2023
9.30am-5.30pm (Fri 9.30am-8pm, Sun 10am-4pm)


Showing in this group

27a Sally Miles

Architectural/abstract collages and local landscapes.

Email (Website): sallymiles100@gmail.com

27b Judith Althea Fear

Dubrovnik Sunset acrylics

Judith paints mainly landscapes and seascapes in watercolour, acrylics and oils. She is fascinated by the effects of light on water and often selects subjects for her paintings where she can bring this to life on the canvas. People who have bought Judith's paintings have commented on this aspect and described a sense of peace and calm they get from looking at the artwork. Judith also loves the forms and colours that abound in nature, particularly the architecture of trees and the changing tapestry of the seasons. A key motivation for her artwork is to open people's eyes to the beauty of our precious natural environment and to share the joy she experiences observing it first hand. Favourite locations include Devon and Cornwall, the Lake District, the Antrim Coast, Durham, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and those happy holiday places abroad that we return from with our energies recharged and a longing to revisit in the minds eye.

Telephone: 07958 591367
Email (Website): judithalthea.fear@hotmail.co.uk

27c Mary Jane Jones

Charcoal drawing of abstracted shapes morphing into other forms based on those found in ancient oaks

Drawing from nature, mixed media works are created; exploring the themes of metamorphosis, fragmentation and imperfection. Works are made up of different layers of marks, techniques and textures.

Email (Website): mary_janejones@hotmail.com

27d Paul Hunter

Swan Dance, 2022, mixed media on canvas

Original landscape paintings inspired by Singapore, Hong Kong and English countryside. The making of these paintings is both on location and in the studio. Painting the ever-changing light on location feeds a sense of urgency and energy into Paul's painting. Studio painting takes a deeper, calmer approach using a variety of tools and media. A sense of wonder and curiosity of the natural drama is at heart throughout. Paul Hunter is an adventurous landscape painter who is interested in the unique character of where we live.

Telephone: 07594 716997
Email (Website): paul@paulhunterfineart.com

27e Sabine Riechmann (Sabijoux Designs)

enamel on silver, abstract sun

Sabine designs and makes sterling silver jewellery in modern, slim-line designs with attention to detail. She draws a lot of inspiration from plants, natural textures and patterns. She uses semi precious gemstones, pearls and enamel to complement her designs with vibrant colours.

Telephone: 07947 713910
Email (Website): sriechmann@sabijoux.co.uk

27f Shree Desai

Bald Eagle Thread-Shedding on Cotton (20cm x 15cm) A sharp cry from the majestic bird. The emotions of the bird are reflected in the deep facial expressions shown and the dark undertones created by the shadows of the feathers.

My name is Shree (Shraddha) Desai and I am a Textile Designer and Textile Art Workshop leader who is dedicated and passionate about teaching children and adults and connecting them to the creative world. My background includes a Master's degree in Textile Design from the National Institute of Design in India after which I established a Textile Production Business called ‘Kalarshi’ bespoke art pieces for a range of clients as well as hosting independent exhibitions. During this period, I experimented with the construction of fabric in order to create unique artwork. This was achieved by altering the fabric textures, colours, and designs. Worked with textured yarns and unconventional materials using various dying and weaving techniques to create innovative fabrics. Most recently, I have been conducting Textile art workshops around the UK and am inspired by teaching both children and adults and delivering excellent customer-focused workshops.

Telephone: 07966 393954
Email (Website): shreethreadart@gmail.com