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September / October 2023
10am-5pm (Sun 10am-4pm)


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29a Claire Pringle

Porcelain on framed canvas

I use ceramic techniques to capture and preserve things of beauty and importance that are often overlooked.
My current body of work focuses on capturing and preserving two diverse areas; domestic handicraft skills, such as crochet and knitting that have been passed down the generations and local wild plants.
The intricate nature of wild plants, which I find locally, can be captured and preserved in detail. By pressing them into porcelain tiles and adapting my glazes, I can highlight fine details, which are so often overlooked or disregarded.
Preserving the skills of my female ancestors is important to me. Detailed crocheted pieces created by my great grandmother can often be seen within my work. The incredible skills needed to create such intricate work are often overlooked and seen only as ‘women’s work’. By preserving the fine needlework in porcelain, I hope to elevate their status.

Telephone: 07973 627717
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29b Andrew Keenleyside

Andrew Keenleyside is an award winning painter and printmaker, who lives and works in the St. Albans and Harpenden area of Hertfordshire. His main subject matter is the local landscape and the changing seasons and how these affect the colours and moods of a particular view or composition. Andrew’s painterly and textural approach is evident in the surface details of his canvases. He reflects: “I try to capture the essence of a landscape by using vibrant and exaggerated colour combinations.” Andrew is also a printmaker who specialises in the technique of ‘Solar-Plate’ etchings, again featuring local views of Hertfordshire. He states: ‘I enjoy the element of chance in the intaglio printing process, as well as the ability to reproduce an image more than once.’ He has had a series of one-man shows in London, the Home Counties and East Anglia, as well as numerous group exhibitions in and around Hertfordshire. His work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

Telephone: 07968 340712
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29c Anna Croxen

Fused glass feathers

I am a contemporary fused glass artist based in Harpenden. I specialises in bespoke glass panels, pictures and bowls. I am often inspired by nature and the world around me. I particularly enjoy experimenting with new techniques, colours and textures. My favourite aspect of working with glass is the amazing reflections and patterns you can achieve.

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29d Chantal Fisher

I delight in making handmade Crepe Paper Flowers in my Studio in Wheathampstead. Each flower is made from specialist crepe paper which is hand cut, shaped and enhanced with a variety of colouring techniques, then assembled with nothing more than glue and wire to produce simply stunning flowers.
Although most of my flowers are botanically correct, I can also create flowers in the colours of your choice that aren't necessarily available in nature, such as a rainbow rose! I hope to be able to demonstrate during my week at Gallery 8.

Telephone: 07887 520661
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29e Di King

Di King is a local contemporary artist, who has also taught art and who has been painting and drawing for most of her adult life. She is particularly inspired by the play of light, shape and form in the natural environment and is influenced by Turner, Anthony Garratt, Monet and Milton Avery. Her current work focuses on a semi-abstract approach, aiming to capture atmosphere, movement and energy through the composition, choice of colour palette and mark making - visual textures are particularly important. Di often uses mixed media, including paints, pastels, charcoal, collage and textures. She explores the different effects that can be achieved by working on wood and various recycled materials (as well as on canvas) - using palette knives, cloth and pieces of card, to achieve expressive mark making and the desired atmosphere. Her work can be realistic, but more recently, as it evolves moves towards a more abstract approach to the subject.
Instagram : di.king.artist

Telephone: 07780 696348
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29f Lesley Pollock

Delicate hand-made, silver, fuchsia flower earrings.

Lesley Pollock- TagArt.
Forging, melting, milling and casting silver and gold into beautiful finished objects brings me pleasure and joy. I like the challenge of setting twinkling stones into matt or polished silver which can be worn to show off the sparkle.
Nature cannot be improved upon but it is the inspiration behind ideas leading to jewellery which can mimic in shape and texture natural objects like leaves, shells and flowers.
I do this by using a range of techniques, some ancient, including loop in loop Viking chains, fusing gold to fine silver and sculpting wax for casting in silver and gold. Each piece is unique and hand-made. All materials are sourced from Hatton Garden, London.

Telephone: 07969 011079
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