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September / October 2023
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53a Heather Miller

Inspired by a love of nature, Heather’s aim as an artist is to engage and intrigue the viewer and draw them into her work. She mindfully explores colour and light in each painting, conscious of how these elements lift the spirit and encourage connection with her subject.
The seasons, water and changing light all provide rich influences on her art. Her paintings are an emotional response to what she sees rather than a facsimile encouraging the viewer to find something different each time they look. She works chiefly in acrylics and acrylic inks which lend themselves to working quickly and expressively with a glorious array of colours.
As well as working as an artist Heather demonstrates her working process to art societies around the UK and has also taught at The JoeDaisy Studio, Art Van Go and Old Bank Studios. She regularly exhibits at Contemporary Art Fairs, The Mardleybury Gallery, The Corner Gallery, The Wynd Gallery, Park Gallery, Cheltenham and various art shows.

Telephone: 07773 089943
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53b Brian Arnopp

I trained originally as an industrial photographer in the aerospace industry and took Btec and HNC in photography. Over the last 10 years I have done food and restaurant photography for Hertfordshire Life magazine but have a strong interest in art photography as well.
My greatest achievement is the cover of The British Journal of Photography, the oldest and most prestigious photography magazine in the world.

Telephone: 07773 854728
Alternative contact number: 01438 712018
Email (Website):

53c Heba Rena Yassin

My work is very much influenced by Japanese art and culture. The world of manga and anime captivated my imagination since I was young. I have always been interested in the relationship between image and narrative. As a freelancer, I primarily create comics and character designs based on my own or other people’s stories. I also do logo, t-shirt designs, etc.
I also love to paint and draw. My collage work deals with recycling found images that I then rework to create a new image. In a sense, altering the image's original history. My painting mainly consists of portraiture based on my own personal collection of dolls.
I am passionate about museums and galleries, and have worked in various ones including the Natural History Museum and Tate. I like to attend various comic conventions and exhibitions as a visitor as well as an exhibitor. My next convention will be Cyprus Comic Con October 2023 where I will be attending as an exhibitor.

Telephone: 07510 559156
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53d Holly Casey

Mixed media purple bird

Holly studied for an Art degree and graduated in 2001. Whilst studying she discovered printmaking, particularly Lino printing. It wasn’t till 2020 when Holly was on furlough from her job during lock down, that she rediscovered her love of art and printmaking and took part in the 100 day project. During this project she experimented with different materials and processes and started to print using a gelli plate. Working in both sketchbooks and on paper her style evolved and she began to build up a portfolio of work.

After much encouragement from friends and family, over the past year Holly has began to exhibit her work locally. She uses a combination of processes to create her art, including gelli printing, Lino printing and collage. Her influences come from the natural world and often include wild foliage and animals.

Telephone: 07796 991980
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53e Jill McMaster

A place to day dream.

Jill enjoys how an artist, nature, the senses, elements, colours and light react together to create images. Jill has produced a variety of paintings, Cyanotypes ,and mixed media. She has been experimenting with materials and techniques such as Anthotypes that are more kind to the environment. Jill has been inspired by the Hilma AF Klint and Piet Mondrian exhibition at Tate Modern and hopes to develop her knowledge of using Botanical inks this summer. Jill believes Art can help people and is keen to encourage people of all ages and abilities to have fun trying these techniques. Jill hopes to demonstrate and facilitate workshops creating images using natural materials during Open Studios.

Telephone: 07941 454074
Email (Website):

53f Judy Bywater

Judy is a modern contemporary artist with a passion for colour. She lives and works in Tewin, Hertfordshire. Her work is light and spontaneous and has been described by many as 'straight from the heart'. Working in acrylics and watercolours, her technique has been refined with exciting new influences in collage and inks.

Judy sees her paintings as decorative floral patterns with glowing colour - mainly blues, greens and pinks - representing shape and design. She has had group exhibitions in the UK and in galleries in Hertfordshire and Australia and has recently won several awards.

Telephone: 07850 522747
Email (Website):

53g Judy Century

Abstract floral painting on canvas

Judy creates vibrant, contemporary paintings in acrylics, inspired by the natural world. She is drawn to structure and patterns in nature, and particularly focuses on celebrating a sense of flowers bursting into life through colour and expressive brushstrokes.

Telephone: 07753 965526
Email (Website):

53h Marian Hall

Print from a series of autobiographical work. Based on the base of a cotton reel.

Printing on paper and fabric is at the heart of Marian's practice. Stitch is often used to add surface marks and texture to printed cloth and occasionally to her prints on paper.

Usually inspired by landscapes, Marian has recently created a series of autobiographical work after she responded to the question 'what would be on the cover of your autobiography?'. Even work not inspired by nature, her art often takes on the feeling of a landscape. Recent explorations have seen her extracting colours from plants and she is now also enjoying learning how to extract colour from earth pigments.

Marian works from her home studio and in the print room at Digswell Arts Trust, where she is a print member. She is looking forward to exhibiting in the Howard Centre with other local artists.

Telephone: 07711 567541
Email (Website):

53i Martin Bushell

"Random Act of Kindness"

As an artist, I strongly believe in the value of public sculpture. Through my work, I aim to create an optimistic vision of the future that inspires feelings of pride and connection to our shared humanity. Ultimately, my goal is to create sculpture that prompts viewers to think: "I like this place - I want to be in this place - I am proud to be human."

Telephone: 07956 515187
Email (Website):

53j Murray Blacket

Sunset at Oura

I only began painting a few years ago. Since then, I have tried to develop a way of painting that is mine. I love working with colour and try an bring that out in every landscape I do. I often use a coral colored ground (underpainting) to help bring out the colour. I like to work outdoors - "en plenaire". But given the vagaries of the English weather, often work from photos I have taken. I am excited to be taking part in Open studios, this year. My dream is to have an exhibition of my own, one day. You can see more of my work on Instagram - murrayrblacket

Telephone: 07932 006962
Email (Website):

53k Paul Hillary

Forth to Tay oil painting by Paul Hillary

Paul expresses land and seascapes through paint and canvas as well as creating pure abstract artworks, exploring textures, colour and shapes.

Originating from the Lake District and having a large portion of my heart there, he is constantly fired up by landscape and it's changing moods. In recent years he has'nt resisted the urge to interpret my vision of scapes and the outdoors less literally and more with texture, and abstracted suggestive shapes, exploring more the feel of a place. Many visits to the Hebrides, Channel Islands and more distant shores is a welcome source of inspiration for his artworks.

Paul has also immersed himself and explored colour, texture, techniques and composition balances and tensions in abstract artworks - devoid of specific objects and reality, allowing the viewer to take in the relationships of shapes, texture and colour, and make a personal interpretation. So much of the texture and colour relationships have echoes of nature and reality.

Telephone: 07711 593792
Alternative contact number: 07778 397902
Email (Website):

53l Zoe Beaumont

Zoe Beaumont is a contemporary abstract artist working in mixed media. With a background in interior design and fashion styling Zoe's work has an emphasis on colour, expressive mark making and tone of mood.
Zoe will be exhibiting a range of colorful stylized abstract works on canvas and wooden panels. Her work is inspired by the ever changing elements of the natural world. Having recently exhibited in London and across Hertfordshire Zoe also produces bespoke commissioned artwork pieces for a range of clients. Zoe works closely with the client and often adds hidden personal meanings and symbolism with the abstract painting. For examples of her recent work and her '4 step commission process' please visit website
Zoe will be showcasing a variety of abstract designs in a range of sizes and palettes.

Telephone: 07775 732615
Alternative contact number: 07968 200213
Email (Website):