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229 Nevells Road
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September / October 2023
9am-4pm & 6pm-8pm (Sat 10am-12noon)


Showing in this group

43a Val Lawson

Curved lines suggest larger circles which continue outside the image, and sit alongside shaded smaller circles. This is about perspectives in space and continues the theme of evolution. While distant planets appear small to us, so we will appear small if seen from space.

Val brings beautiful colours into your life with her expressive abstract art inspired by the natural world; special memories; words; and emotions. Her work is evocative and open to differing interpretations.
A self-taught artist, she loves to experiment with different techniques and new media, to find ways to enhance what she creates. These new ideas influence her style which continuously changes in subtle ways. Over several years it has evolved from Realism through Impressionism to Expressive Abstraction. Colour, shape and texture have always been important elements of her paintings which Val uses to convey moods and emotions.
Her work is exhibited with Art & Soul Gallery in St Neots and Artisans in the Yard in Shefford.
Val is an active member of Herts Visual Arts. She runs Fairfield Art Group, teaches acrylic techniques and gel plate printing. Val accepts commissions, and her paintings are in private collections in the UK, Spain and Canada.

Telephone: 07434 351027
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43b Becky Ullah

Becky is a self-taught artist from Hitchin, who took a brave leap to leave medicine after being a doctor for 15 years, to pursue her passion. Her style is eclectic, from delicate botanical watercolours fused with anatomy to vibrant mixed-media acrylic drip paintings and layered resin paintings. For many years Becky was inspired by the idea of combining florals with beautiful anatomical paintings. However, she wanted to elaborate on this concept with a more medicinal story. Alongside this long-awaited series, Becky likes to explore new media in a vibrant and explorative fashion to create increasingly bold and colourful artworks.

Telephone: 01462 682828
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43c Gerrard Mikelsons

As a visual artist, I enjoy creating art in various mediums. Currently, focusing on linocut prints and watercolours, I aim to capture the beauty and essence of the world around me. Through my art, I hope to transport the viewer to a different time and place, evoking emotions and memories that are both personal and universal. Working with traditional relief printmaking techniques, I embrace the imperfections and unpredictability of the process, often carving directly into the block in the same way as I would sketch on paper, allowing each piece to take on an expressive life of its own.

Ultimately, my goal is to create art that is not only visually stunning but also meaningful and gives long-lasting pleasure to the viewer.

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43d Hazel Godfrey

Natural materials

I will be demonstrating willow weaving and 'soft' basketry skills. My materials have been foraged from the countryside, gathered from the garden, and cut from my local willow plot.
Available for sale will be some unusual work made using found natural items, also sculptural baskets, dragonflies, bees, birds, eye-catching wind spinners, and some lovely natural supports for your climbing plants and summer borders.
Come and talk to me about workshops and courses available at this historic Arts and Crafts building, and at my rural studio in Offley. I look forward to meeting you.

Telephone: 07905 689602
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43e Karen Mangold

Acrylic on canvas painting of a Sparrow painted in an impressionistic style

Having been born in rural Bedfordshire and living here all my life its no surprise that my art is inspired by my local surroundings and I particularly love painting British wildlife. My style is loose, and starting with a bright under colour and using a large brush I try to create interesting and impressionistic brush strokes. More recently I have also enjoyed using collage and often include elements within my work.

Telephone: 07521 978169
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43f Komathy Hawkins

Coffee thoughts

I come from Sri Lanka and learnt art from a young age. My uncle was a renowned international artist. I grew up surrounded by paint and colour and studied Art to Advanced Level at College in Jaffna. Owing to the civil conflict, I had to leave my country and with it my love of art.
Building a new life stalled my art dreams but recently I have been able to find myself again. I am sketching and painting with a new-found freedom. Art has once again become an important part of who I am.
I specialise in portraiture/figures/modern/contemporary styles. I work with a variety of mediums and have studied colour/skin-tone techniques at CityLit College in London.
I love experimenting. I celebrate humanity and nature. I treasure the marks people make on the world–the small scale, the global, the eccentric–but all my paintings have one thing in common. They are created out of caring.
I have been invited to tutor Portrait Workshops at Letchworth College and am starting my own private tutor groups

Telephone: 07850 405708
Alternative contact number: 07866 454724
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43g Mary Ann Day

A rainbow of colourful paintings by local artist Mary Ann Day reflecting the beauty of sand, sea, sun and forest. Her focus is an impressionist take on life and the great outdoors in splashes of rich oils. Mary Ann has exhibited widely in London and Hertfordshire and took part in the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year in 2016.
Mary Ann enjoys experimenting with thick layers of paint laid on with a palette knife, using bold, bright colours. Her work depicts a glimpse of nature and of life, showing everyday people at play or at work, on the beach or among their friends, catching them momentarily in a scene as if through candid camera.
"Colour is the key to my work," she explains. "Without colour life would be a very dull place. I feel my job is to project that colour on to walls in generous, daring quantities, providing an uplifting and happy interlude for the viewer."

Telephone: 07552 625126
Alternative contact number: 07552 625126
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43h Sandy Chiu

mixed media on paper "cosmic"

Born and raised in Taiwan. I have lived in Australia and Ireland before moving to London, where I lived for 10 years. Because of my passion for travel, I worked as a cabin crew for several years. I studied in Philosophy out of curiosity, then Digital Media Design for its practicality. After a long time working in software development, I decided to pursue a career in art and currently work from Eastcheap studios in Letchworth town centre. Sometimes I make cute illustrations, other times I create abstract paintings. My primary mediums are acrylic, oil, mixed media, other interests I have are textile, printing, and photography.

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