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Fishponds Studio
30 Fishponds Road
44793 127980
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Practical demonstrations, Credit card facility, Suitable for groups, Appointments available at other times during and after Open Studios, Working studio where Members normally create work during the year
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September / October 2023
1pm-5 pm


Showing in this group

38a Daniella Coronel Saavedra

The birth, little miracle. Acrylic painting on canvas 100x100cm.

Daniella is an MA architect and self taught artist based in Hitchin, working as an abstract painter since 2016. Her colourful paintings and distinctive personal style express the vibrant spirit of South American culture.

‘’When I paint I look into colour and composition. I am fascinated by colour. I paint with palette knives of various sizes to evoke the idea of ‘building the image with colour’. I aim to express in a spontaneous and honest way how I feel in the moment of painting. Layer by layer, different emotions appear, reappear and evolve. Every layer is charged with full energy and a sensitive choice of colour and compositions".

Telephone: 07931 279800
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38b Debbie Armstrong

Handmade silver jewellery; earring; ring; bangle

Handmade sterling silver jewellery. Rings, earrings, necklaces, ankle chains and bangles inspired by travel and nature.

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38c Maggie Barton

Working in glass over many years my latest pieces have been fused in my kiln to form vibrant decorative work.
Mostly attached to a wooden backing with steel mounts and are ready for hanging. Other pieces are mounted on wood with acrylic posts and free standing. My inspirations come from Jazz/Blues - Mexico/American Southwest - 50s/60s/70s Retro designs - Cocktails and Food. I love to work in vibrant colour and quirky subjects. Instagram Maggie Barton 885

Telephone: 01462 712302
Alternative contact number: 07852 461395
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