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September / October 2023
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39a Kim Raymont

Kim is a printmaker specialising in linocut and letterpress, MA Illustration and Book Arts, Cambridge School of Art 2020. Kim predominately works in linocut, particularly reduction lino which she combines with letterpress. Her work is often themed around place, illustrating remembered and imagined places. Her use of materials is a direct expression of this subject; as the lino is carved away, so we delve into our memories and imaginations; as layers of ink are applied while building up the image, so our ideas and recollections are changed and expanded. Kim teaches regular print workshops focusing on playful creativity for wellbeing and happiness, and during Open Studios will be offering visitors the chance to drop in and try for themselves.

Telephone: 07884 297122
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39b Alexa Loy

Porthmeor Beach

Alexa’s work explores a sense of place using layers of colour, shape and line. She loves to draw and photograph on location, working in mixed media she uses these sketches to inform her larger work. Cornwall holds an important influence, especially the rich art history of St Ives and the surrounding raw landscapes of the Penwith coastline. Alexa’s work explores a sense of place using layers of colour, shape and line. She loves to draw and photograph on location, working in mixed media she uses these sketches to inform her larger work.

Telephone: 07745 916556
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39c Elena Stogneva

Cityscape view from the Tate Modern

As a child growing up in the Soviet Union/Russia, I’d go to drawing school where I learned basic drawing rules. I also spent a lot of my childhood with my grandmother, who introduced me to the world of art.
I grew up and got a degree in architecture, which has helped me understand perspective and geometry, especially when drawing street views or city objects - both favourite subjects of mine.
Art has always been my total escape, clearing my mind when I have any kind of problems. Over the years, I’ve experimented with many different drawing materials, but since I discovered watercolour it became my favourite material.
I like to think my pictures are my messengers and I’m happy if others feel that emotion when they look at them too.
During the Open Studio Event you’ll be able to see my watercolour paintings and prints from originals. Also I’m planning to run a workshop about urban sketching techniques and basic techniques in watercolour.

Telephone: 07845 526620
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39d James Willis

Windmill Hill Morning

James began painting at school and graduated with honours in fine art and music at the University of Chester, followed by an M.A. in the History of Art at Birkbeck College. He has tutored and lectured widely, and runs regular live and online courses in painting, drawing and art history. His work is inspired by his knowledge of architecture, historic paintings, and a love of buildings, landscapes and the effects of light, shade and colour. As an avid sketcher, James begins his creative process with drawings and watercolours made on location. As a painter he enjoys responding to places and people and sharing his knowledge and process to inspire others. He works mainly in oils and watercolours always supplemented by drawings. He has exhibited widely, his work is in public and private collections in the UK and abroad, as well as selected for the Royal Society of Marine Artists at the Mall Galleries, London, and Capital Art Gallery, Eltham.

Telephone: 07930 418041
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39e Leah Edwards

I am a mixed media painter working from my home studio (aka the garden shed) in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.

I work mostly with acrylics but I enjoy creating different textures in my pieces with fabric pens, pouring mediums, gold leaf and anything else I can get my hands on. I love to paint animals, but I will paint anything that comes into my imagination, including completely abstract pieces with fluid acrylics or alcohol ink.


Telephone: 07490 128910
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39f Mandy Lamyman

I am a self-taught artist - I work in different mediums including acrylics, watercolours and pens/pencils. I am also very proud to say that I am a self published author and illustrator of a children's book - 'George the Dragon's First Adventure'. I am currently working on a series where I paint onto Perspex - it is quite challenging but I am enjoying creating my practice pieces and then seeing them come to life in the final versions.

I love art because I consider it to be a therapy - limitless in its capacity to bring happiness to the artist and the person looking at it. It is also a journey - we, as artists, are always looking to learn something new.

Telephone: 07866 325239
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39g May Grant


May paints with acrylics and uses mixed media and inks for various projects. Landscapes, pattern, texture, and abstract art all feature in her work.
May likes to paint with vibrant colours so that the end result is full of energy and is uplifting to the viewer . She will use any colour pallet depending on how she feels on the day, as long as the colours have harmony. On occasions neon colours play a role in her paintings, incorporating past influences from the Punk era. She like to make a bold statement. Her paintings are dynamic and vibrant, capturing viewers' interest through emotions and feelings. Her work is exciting, instinctive, and intuitive with a positive vibe.

Telephone: 07825 588830
Email (Website):