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South Mill Arts
1-3 South Road
Bishop’s Stortford
CM23 3JG
Limited on-site parking; Jackson Square Shopping Centre parking, 15 mins walk
07595 087207
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Refreshments available, Practical demonstrations, Suitable for groups
Wheelchair access 
September / October 2023


Showing in this group

48a Yvonne Estop

Breeze chair, curved plywood

Adventures in shape and structure, furniture and anti-furniture, useful and questionable. Objects made from plywood or repurposed materials, exploring form and purpose. Inspiration comes from the ordinary and the utilitarian. My aim is to find unexpected beauty and intrigue. The double-take. However, the chairs have to be comfortable and the tables stable.

Telephone: 07595 087207
Email (Website):

48b Shveta Maini

Colourful Mixed Media Abstract Art titled Walk with me

My art is an expression of my inner self, reflecting the depth and complexity of human experience. Born and raised in various cities across India, I draw inspiration from the multitude of cultures, languages, and traditions that have shaped me. With a background in surface textiles, I have a deep understanding of the interplay of color and texture, which I bring to my vibrant and dynamic abstract paintings.

My process is intuitive, guided by a love of color and texture, and driven by the energy and emotions that flow through me. Each layer of paint adds depth and meaning to the final piece, resulting in paintings that invite the viewer to explore their own emotions and connect with the energy and vibrancy of the natural world.

I have exhibited my artwork in various galleries and art shows across India and the U.K.

Through my art, I hope to inspire others to explore the depths of their own emotions and to connect with the beauty and energy of the world around them.

Telephone: 07852 263121
Email (Website):

48c Tracey Fernandes

I work predominately with fabric using a number of different printing processes to produce individually designed pieces which I then use to create hand made journals and lampshades.
Over ten years ago I became interested in patchwork and quilting. I began teaching adults whilst becoming very interested in dyeing my own fabrics in order to make my own quilts.
Over the past few years I have become completely absorbed in the process of eco dyeing and started my own dye garden. I now use these very individual pieces to create journals and lampshades.

Telephone: 07981 681158
Email (Website):