Art in the Old Town | Herts Visual Arts


The Old Town Hall
High Street
Hemel Hempstead
Parking in High Street Car Park behind the Old Town Hall
Special Information 
Practical demonstrations, Credit card facility, Suitable for groups
Wheelchair access 
September / October 2023


Showing in this group

4a John Durham

An abstract painting of Dunraven Bay, Vale of Glamorgan

Original acrylic paintings, limited edition prints and greetings cards featuring abstract interpretations of geological landscapes.

Telephone: 01442 394086
Alternative contact number: 07790 343548
Email (Website):

4b Carla Valente

Carla Valente is a talented artist based in the picturesque town of Hemel Hempstead. Since her childhood, Carla has been fascinated by the creative arts, particularly fashion and design. Her love for these disciplines motivated her to pursue a Diploma in Fashion, which helped hone her skills as a fashion designer.
Over the years, Carla has evolved her artistic style, moving away from fashion design to focus on creating unique, imaginative artwork. She uses her artistic flair to create stunning illustrations, crafts, and artworks, each of which showcases her innate talent and creativity.
In recent years, Carla has dedicated herself to exploring different mediums and techniques to take her art to new heights. She experiments with different mediums to add depth, texture, and vibrancy to her work.
She will be showcasing her art during the open studio event and conducting live demonstrations. So, do drop by and witness her artistic skills in action.

Telephone: 07958 683064
Email (Website):

4c Pete Greening

Pete paints geometric abstract works in an op art style, with patterns and colours carefully chosen to dazzle the eye. He has been painting in this style for many years, and will be present at the venue as much as possible, demonstrating his techniques and will be happy to talk about his work.
More of his paintings can be seen at

Telephone: 01442 254494
Email (Website):