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Mitzie Green

Mitzie Green

If you love art with vibrant colours, textures and free-flowing style, you’ll enjoy discovering Mitzie Green’s work. She loves experimenting and made the most of her extra time during lockdown. She made her own brushes using a variety of fibres such as twine, raffia and plant materials … using almost anything that was available! Leaves used for printing produced gorgeous results and twigs used with acrylics gave dramatic effects. Mitzie even sacrificed precious buds from her Pieris! These ‘small marbles on stalks’ offered unpredictable results; other plentiful twigs like conifers offered an equally good look. Mitzie has a strong bias towards tactile effects and these different materials help her to explore and enjoy the visual dynamics available.

Mitzie has developed a relaxed style for creating her art. “I deliberately look for ways to add marks and imperfections,” she explains. ”Making scratches early on helps me, as does using unconventional tools like a wedge.”

Painting in watercolours and inks is also a passion of Mitzie’s. “I love the unexpected colour combinations and the free-flowing nature of these materials suit.”

Mitzie also enjoys teaching, running classes is Gadebridge and Redbourn. “It’s so rewarding to see students’ progress and I like the variety of questions.” Demonstrations are also available upon request.

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