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Sue Wookey

I’ve painted in watercolour my whole life, producing works which express my lifelong love of nature and the local landscape. As a child, I was obsessed with drawing hares dancing in circles and I’m still painting them now! I try to create works that speak deeply about our connection to the natural world. Surrounded by the Chiltern Hills, I find they are a constant source of inspiration to me, deeply informing my art.field_poppies.jpg


Inspiration is a funny thing - I often start a painting and it turns into something else mid-stream. Sometimes compete paintings suddenly pop into my head from nowhere. Sometimes they go completely pear-shaped and I have to rescue them. Often the ‘rescue’ is better than the original idea. It’s fun to be surprised!

I have a studio in my garden where I produce fine art prints of my work but prefer to paint at my kitchen table because the light is perfect, and I have a panoramic view of the garden and the bridleway beyond. It’s a constant reminder of why I’m sitting down with my brushes.