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The Old Palace, Hatfield House

Annual Conference

Our day in the Old Palace at Hatfield House
John Amaechi on White Privilege-BBC Bitesize (2)

We kicked off the New Year with our annual Members’ Conference on Monday 15th January.

What does Inclusivity mean to artists?

It's a big, beautiful canvas of ideas and values:

Picture a gallery filled with art from people of all walks of life. Inclusivity in the arts is about making sure that everyone's unique experiences, cultures, and identities are celebrated - a party where everyone's invited. It means making sure that art spaces and resources are easy to get to and don't break the bank. It's about levelling the playing field.

Imagine being able to paint, sculpt, or perform without worrying about someone saying, "You can't do that." Inclusivity gives artists the freedom to explore, even if it challenges the status quo. It’s like making sure everyone gets a chance to shine. Artists, regardless of where they come from, should have a fair shot at being seen and heard.

Some artists are like social change warriors, using their creativity to fight for important causes. By speaking up, the artist can make a difference through their art.

Incorporating the thought process, thinking through the issues helps artists grow. It ensures that aspiring artists, especially those facing challenges, get the support and guidance they need to succeed.

Are you a puzzle piece, adding your own colours and shapes to the artistic landscape? Do you appreciate individual perspectives and celebrate what makes each artist special?

In a nutshell, inclusivity for artists is all about breaking down barriers, welcoming creativity from every corner, and creating a more diverse, fair, and vibrant art world. It's an ongoing journey towards making art a space where everyone's voice can be heard and valued.


We were delighted to be hosted by Hatfield House in the beautiful medieval building of the Old Palace.

Visit their website:

We had some amazing feedback f!

"What a wonderful conference, congratulations! I was so inspired and moved by the presenters and others on my table. Thank you.."
"Thank you to you and the team for the conference today, an interesting if chilly day! Lovely to meet up with friends old and new."


Photo supplied by Jo Teague

We will be putting a video together of all the (good) images taken soon! Thank you to everyone who attended.



Below are both Christina's and Nicola's presentation, and John Amaechi's video is at the top of the page. Also included are 10 of the flip chart sheets written during the breakout groups - unfortunately I am unable to upload them all!