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Herts Visual Arts Forum (HVAF), came into existence more than 30 years ago bringing together artists to exhibit at the first Herts Open Studios. Since then the organisation has grown and kept up with artists needs, still hosting Herts Open Studios each September but also increasing the number at types of events held during the year.

HVAF's objectives, as provided in our constitution are;

  • to to foster and promote understanding, appreciation and knowledge of the visual arts to residents and visitors of Hertfordshire.
  • to act as coordinating body for individuals and organisations both amateur and professional who wish to become actively involved in the visual arts and to provide liaison between HVAF and local authorities.
  • to organise projects of benefit to artists in Hertfordshire.
  • to work towards improving the provision for the visual arts including public and private exhibition spaces. 
  • to encourage professionalism amongst artists and exhibiting galleries.
  • to do all such other things as are considered necessary by the HVAF to develop the visual arts in Hertfordshire.