Hertford Art Trail


Venue, Timing, Cost

Mudlarks Cafe, Hertford
Monday, April 12, 2021 to Saturday, May 8, 2021
24 hour
Hertford Arts Trail 2021

As part of the Hertford Art Trail, at the lovely Mudlarks Cafe I am presenting 'Something Colourful and Cosy for Your Home'... a range of matching cushions and canvases to brighten your mood

Most of the designs were created in lockdown, inspired by seasonal changes observed in my garden.

Taken from drawings and photographs, the designs were developed in Photoshop, digitally printed on cotton by the 'Silk Bureau' and then hand made in Stanstead Abbotts into a limited edition of canvases and cushions

All the items displayed at Mudlarks Cafe are available to buy from the Cafe and can be taken when purchased.

Submitted by

Linda Gifford