Open Studios 2021

Open Studios 2021 coming soon

While we prepare for Open Studios 2021, please browse and enjoy highlights from 2020.  

Artists: if you'd like to be part of Open Studios 2021, please look here:

Open Studios 2020

Our virtual 30 day, 30 theme celebration of 30 amazing #HertsOpenStudios has now sadly finished for this year. It featured so many new and exciting online opportunities to meet and get to know our talented artists.

Day 30, 30th September: it's time for a little review, a bit of imagining, it's Past, present and future

Day 29, 29th September: it's art - It's in the eye of the beholder

Day 28, 28th September: what can we say? It's completely abstract

Day 27, 27th September: let's explore The natural world

Day 26, 26th September: it's time to open the cabinet of Curiosities

Day 25, 25th September: our artists are Toying with texture

Day 24, 24th September: the day when Less is more

Day 23, 23rd September: and 6 months from when lockdown started, we're featuring Lockdown Life including specific videos.  For a 6-minute thought-provoking video looking at lockdown experiences, please visit Jeanne Woodcraft's Gallery.  

It's time to look through our 4 windows into the world of art  ... Window 1: Social Wall and live streaming Window 2: Themed art trails, virtual tours, videos and more, Window 3: Advanced Gallery search, Window 4: In-person and virtual exhibitions and workshops.

Follow Golden fingerprints in Gallery and trail pages to discover our Open Studios artists.

Fresh insights every moment of every day ... is there an artist you already adore? Are you looking to discover something new? With no physical restrictions, our 30 daily themed art trails bring journeys you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home, whenever you want - no driving around, no traffic.