Living Crafts Showcase

Thu 17th June - 20th June 2021:

This is our opportunity to showcase Herts Visual Arts and demonstate our skills and practice over the 4 days of Living Crafts at Hatfield House, in a marquee supplied by the event. In previous years, 6 member artists per day have taken part. As well as demonstrating your art/craft you can sell work, with a 15% commission due to the event at the end of each day.  

We now have confirmation that this year's Living Crafts will go ahead and are already accepting Artist registrations. Visit the the Living Crafts Showcase Registration page to reserve your place.

What is it?

Herts Visual Arts is invited every year to showcase artists and makers demonstrating their skills to Living Crafts visitors at Hatfield House. #LivingCraftsShowcase is your opportunity to get your work in front of a wide Hertfordshire (and beyond) audience, plus the optional extra to develop your skills. 

Wednesday 16th June: registered artists work together to complete initial site set up at a time to be agreed.

Thursday - Sunday 17th-20th June during show opening hours: Artists demonstrate their work to the wide-ranging Living Crafts audience at Hatfield house.

Members: everything you need will be here, on members only pages or in member newsletters. Once registered, you will also receive exclusive #LivingCraftsShowcase support emails. 

Non-members: it's simple to become a member of Herts Visual Arts, then you can be part this event and take advantage of all our other benefits too. What are you waiting for?

Why take part?

You will be part of our fabulous Showcase and able to share your practice to a wide audience.  It's also an excellent networking event to get to know more members. In addition, HVAF is again delivering on our community values, so you will also benefit from:

  • Wider visibility/engagement: great exposure comes from increased website and social media visits/activity, putting you/your work in front of more potential viewers and customers.
  • Increased fellowship and connections: collaborate, support and celebrate. Open Studios and Christmas Showcase feedback clearly shows the benefit of reviewing/presenting art/practice and getting to know fellow artists.
  • Support on your journey: Being part of an event, keeping your Gallery content fresh, video, social media and live events are all stepping stones on our respective journeys, when you are ready.
  • June: Targeted promotion and social media presence.

Plus behind the scenes:

  • Insider Newsletters for registered participants
  • downloadable promotional materials
  • one or two discussion sessions: dates TBD
  • professional advertising: plus event promotion throughout June.

All this for just no fee at all.

What do you need to do?

Start thinking about what you will bring to demostrate, how you will work and how you can talk to visitors about your work.

  • Register to take part 
  • Prepare your deomnstrations
  • Make your Gallery even more beautiful, add video if you haven't already, make sure there's contact information
  • Join in with our support sessions
  • Throughout May/June: share content on-line if you can, use the hashtag #LivingCraftsShowcase
  • Promote the event, your participation, your work, use our branded graphics (resources)
  • Invite friends, family, customers
  • Keep up to date by opening and reading Insider newsletters.

How do you get on the Social Wall? 

  • Post on your own Twitter or Instagram account using #HertsVisualArts throughout the year, #LivingCraftsShowcase during May/June.
  • Software magic then adds your post to the Wall.

Don't do social media?

As long as you sign up by the various deadlines, you can come to our support sessions and be part of our event.

What else?

  • Please pay attention to these very important dates, and prepare what you need in advance, read the guidelines.
  • Please use our branded graphics and remember to tell your family, friends, customers and other audiences all about it 

(Please Note: these may change/be adjusted as we finalise the event).

Key Dates 

  • May 2021: Members Call for Artists plus county-wide call and Press Release
  • May 2021: Registration opens, and then closes at the end of the month
  • May 2021:  (time TBC) support session (LCS registered members only) to discuss and prepare the event
  • Wednesday 16th June: Set up in the afternoon prior to the event
  • Thursday-Sunday 17th-20th June 2021: Daily demonstrations in our Marquee during Living Crafts opening hours
  • Sunday 20th June: Living Showcase last day - takedown and return HVAF effects
  • Late June: Switch social wall hashtag to #BigArtFair during the day


HVAF have an ongoing invitation to demonstrate during Living Crafts at Hatfield House. We're delighted that it's back this year after last year's cancellation and the postponement from earlier in the year.

Artists who want to take part, but are not yet members, can easily join Herts Visual Arts. They can then take full advantage of all member benefits, including networking, exhibiting at events and sharing on-line galleries. Membership for 2021/2022 is now open.

To hear more about our year in art, why not sign up to our newsletter (further down the page)?

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