Herts Open Studios

Open Studios 2022

Registrations for Open Studios is now closed.

We are now preparing for Open Studios 2022 (Saturday 10th September to Sunday 2nd October), adding information to the Open Studios section of our website which will become available to view when complete. We are also preparing our brochure for this year, which will be available to pick up at the Big Art Fair in the summer.

We're back sharing our art with the world, and we know our visitors are ready too. Who's up for the adventure and opportunity to let our art unfold again? 

Members: Take advantage of our Area Meetings and Open Studios discussions to help you on your way. Just log in to your account and register from there. 

Non-members: It's simple to become a Member of Herts Visual Arts. Once a Member, you can sign up to this event and take advantage of all our other benefits too. What are you waiting for? 

If you need anything else, email openstudios@hvaf.org.uk and we'll be pleased to help.

Themes: Open Studios will feature 23 Themes, all searchable on the Website. You can select which ones to join in with up to a limit of 5. This is your opportunity to present your work to visitors, perhaps publicising a commentary or sketchbook item. They are also a fabulous way to engage new and existing audiences. A flipbook/video will be produced for each Theme.

To find out more about our Themes, including ideas for interpretation, download the pdf at the end of this page or visit help-and-resources

Click through our Open Studios sections to find out how to be part the great art adventure this year.  

Open Studios Brochure: We will be producing a full, professionally-designed printed Brochure which will also be available online to download as a pdf.

Now you have registered

Update your Gallery: use the edit function on your Gallery page (when you are logged in to the web site).

You can update your Gallery at any time; however, our publicity and daily theme preparation is based on artists who have registered (in good time) and uploaded information about themselves. Please don’t leave it to the last minute – earlier entries mean our volunteers and marketing team have time to include your work (and get some sleep).

When you prepare your Gallery please take note of the following:

  • Is your Gallery name easy to identify and find? Does it include your name?

Include one image of you at work, or work in progress.

  • You can upload a maximum of 15 images of your work, including descriptions of each piece.
  • Remember to specify your artforms.
  • You can upload a maximum of 3 videos (you will need to create your own YouTube or Vimeo account) covering the following topics: 1) Studio tour 2) Biography/meet the artist 3) Artists at work
  • Decide whether you wish to hold video consultations and make a plan for how you will cover this.

Contact Details: Are they up to date? Can a prospective customer get in touch with you or find your selling site (if you have one)?

Artwork: Your Gallery images are so important - choose clear, bright, attractive images that make your work look worth the visit. Images can be entire pieces or a close up/detail. Images must be suitable for a general audience, including children, and must be single images only (not composites/text). Please make sure the image is in focus. Herts Visual Arts reserves the right to decline images if unsuitable for any reason, including obvious advertising content. The image must be of your work, and your copyright. Copyright of all work remains with the originating rightful owner.

Biography: What will the reader learn by reading your biography? Have you removed really old content and made sure that your biography is up to date?

Publicity Materials: You are agreeing that your images/videos/content can be used for publicity and promotion. We may produce an on-line flip-book listing all the artists with a link to their HVAF gallery pages.

Workshops and exhibitions: If you have video classes, workshops, exhibitions or other events that are in addition to/separate from your general Open Studios entry, add them to the workshops/exhibitions section of your account. Workshops/exhibition listings should not, however, be used for your main Open Studios - that will be featured in our Open Studios event pages. 

Helping Out: Open Studios is run by and for artists. You are agreeing to support artists in your area. Please help make Open Studios a success and help others create or promote their Open Studios content, including videos. Have you considered acting as an Area Coordinator? Let us know if you have any specific ideas or good contacts: openstudios@hvaf.org.uk.


Download files below.