Art in Potters Bar

Press Release from Herts Visual Arts

Release date: December 13th 2019

As part of Wenta’s ongoing work to develop relationships within the local Herts community, a new initiative has been instigated at their Potter’s Bar Business Centre in Hertfordshire.

Working alongside Herts Visual Arts (HVA), twelve artists have been invited to display their work on the walls of this business venue.  Each of the participating artists are members of HVA with a portfolio of work within the gallery pages of the HVA website. The range of expertise on display is from glassware to textiles, oils and acrylic paint and a variety of styles from figurative, landscape, abstract and portraiture.

On December 13th there will be a ‘soft launch’ for the business residents as well as specially invited guests. All of the artwork is available for sale directly from the artists.

To find out more about HVA, please visit their website at and Wenta’s Business Centre in Potters Bar:



A couple of busts sold!!

Even before all of the art was installed, one of the HVA artists was delighted to make a sale to a local business resident at Wenta’s Enterprise centre in Potters Bar.

Sharon Korek produces fabulous glass artworks which are very different and stylish. Her work graces the walls of the corridor in Potters Bar with two pieces snapped up!

“I couldn’t believe I had made a sale, even before we hand finish fixing all of the art onto the walls!”,  said Sharon, “My glass art is hand made at my studio in Hitchin with many of the pieces taking several days to produce as I heat and cool the glass, add colours and textures. I am sure the new owner will be delighted with these lovingly made pieces”.


One of the first sales at Wenta’s Enterprise Centre in Potters Bar was Jackie Uphill’s Old Tree.

Jackie is a textile and Mixed Media artist who uses different techniques to create intriguing textures and images and now business residents at Wenta’s Potters Bar venue can view a range of her work which is displayed along the walls of the corridor.

“We had hardly completed hanging the artwork when I received a call to enquire about Old Tree”, says Jackie “and I was so delighted to meet the new owner to hand over one of my larger mexed media pieces of art”.



About Wenta Potters Bar

Wenta’s Enterprise Centre in Potters Bar centre provides affordable and flexible workspace for all types of businesses from catering and manufacturing to web development and consultancy in Hertfordshire. With a warm and friendly buzz to the hub, our Potters Bar centre offer the full spectrum of business centre facilities with a personal touch.  

About – Further Information about Herts Visual Arts

Herts Visual Arts is the largest county-wide volunteer run organisation for amateur and professional artists and makers in Hertfordshire. An annual programme includes members meetings, exhibitions, Art Showcases, the Big Art Fair and Herts Open Studios.

Many join simply to be part in Open Studios each year – but there is so much more to the excellent value annual membership (currently just £40 per year)

Benefits of annual membership include a gallery on the HVA web site, social media promotion across HVA platforms and a PRIVATE Facebook group to connect with other members. There’s also access to opportunities and a full annual programme of meetings and events, just for members. A monthly newsletter includes news, opportunities and exhibitions across Hertfordshire, as well as hints, tips and articles on Open Studios, marketing and more. Members can also promote their workshops, classes, exhibitions and publications and contribute to the newsletter itself.