'My London' a solo exhibition by Renos Lavithis

House of Parliament

23 June - 20 July 2014 at The Gallery in the Crypt, St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, LONDON WC2N 4JJ.  Entrance is Free- The gallery opens daily during the Cafe in the Crypt hours from morning to evening

'My London' is a journey by the artist which began around 2009 with visits to his old haunts of legendary Fleet Street, with its old pubs and memories of his early career when he was working as an artist at the Daily Mail newspaper group. 

The work includes some oil paintings but is mainly ink, pencil and wash on watercolour paper and covers a range of famous landmarks including Fleet Street, The River Thames, The West End, The City, Canary Wharf, London's Green Spaces, and a unique collection of works commemorating the London 2012 Olympics. 

The exhibition will be opened by Stanley McMurtry MBE, the Mac cartoonist of the Daily Mail, with an introduction by Peter Droussiotis, Chairman of PGD Strategy Ltd.

For enquiries about the artist and  his works email: renos.lavithis@btconnect.com   www.renosart.co.uk    

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