In Conversation with ... 10 Jan - 24 Feb 2013

From 10th January until 24th February The Gallery at Parndon Mill presents an exhibition, IN CONVERSATION WITH.... of new paintings by BARRY ANDREWS complemented by ceramics by NIGEL EARLE.


'A perfect day' by Barry Andrews

As a starting point for his paintings, Barry Andrews makes drawings of the estuary along the north banks of the River Thames, these images are metaphors for change. The industrial river landscape offers a harsh yet inspiring vista.

'Stratiform' by Nigel Earle

Nigel Earle's ceramics celebrate forms and textures, both natural and man-made.  His inspiration comes from such different sources as natural rock faces and ravines; road and pavement surfaces; eroded machinery and mechanical parts; collapsed sheds and wooden huts.

Sally Anderson

The Gallery at Parndon Mill, Off Elizabeth Way, HARLOW  CM20 2HP

tel: 01279 426042