'About Brick Lane', 18-30 Sept 2014

About Brick Lane

The vibrant Brick Lane area of East London is the subject of artwork by 11 contemporary artists showing at Espacio Gallery in this two-week exhibition,  Curated by Liz Whiteman Smith, About Brick Lane pieces together the complex story of the Brick Lane area using artworks from 11 perspectives interpreted through multiple art forms: painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and video.

For About Brick Lane each artist approaches this fascinating region of London in their own way, from looking at tiny elements often overlooked in modern life to reinterpreting recognisable landmarks.  Julie Eccles poignant photographs expose the heart and soul of this long established area while Ruth Jones draws parallels between biological cultures and the process of gentrification that is impacting on Brick Lane.

The colourful history of the area has been a muse to several artists. Nick Hazzard explores the memories of the communities that have settled in Brick Lane. Mark Bell’s steel and aluminium images reflect his response to the long distant past of Brick Lane while Ralph Overill’s screen prints and engravings are a reaction to the settlers and events that give this area such wonderful richness.

About Brick Lane reveals a wealth of complementary artwork.  Here you can see Graham Asker’s video footage of the district along with Ahmed Farooqui’s monument to the migrations that have shaped the culture and the development of this inspirational neighbourhood.  Esperanza Gómez-Carrera’s visual explorations of the texts and writings that reflect the cultural richness of the area sit alongside Sara Wickenden’s mixed-media, collaged wax paintings based on the old maps of Brick Lane.  The styles are wonderfully diverse, from contemplative paintings inspired by architecture and patterns by Julie Caves to Liz Whiteman Smith’s exquisitely detailed prints of individual buildings.

These artists open up a dynamic and intimate dialogue with the viewer and you can join the conversation by visiting this remarkable exhibition. As with other Espacio exhibitions, the artists are actively involved with the gallery and you can expect to find several present at About Brick Lane each day should you wish to find out more about the artwork on display.

Espacio Gallery, 159 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 7DG.

1–7pm daily (1–5pm Tuesday 30th September).
Private View on 18th September, 6–9pm