Who are you? What do you want?


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On-line workshop
Thursday, July 9, 2020 to Friday, December 18, 2020
Fortnightly Thursdays, 2pm-4pm
£40pp inc VAT

Whether you’re starting out, already running your own business or looking for change, why not do a bit of direction-finding to focus on your plans and what it all means to you? Businesses don’t happen in isolation – there’s always home and life aspirations. To flourish, it’s best where every part of you is aligned.
This creative and engaging workshop will use mind-mapping and idea generation tools/techniques to focus on who you are and what you want. Once you’ve identified that, we’ll move on to how you’re going to get there. What impact will business have on your home life (and vice versa)? What obstacles will there be? How will you get round them? With open questions and honest discussion, you’ll end with a map of actions and things to follow up.
Hillary helps organisations grow. She runs conferences, workshops, 1-1s and research-based contracts that create/deliver unique business planning and growth support: from sole-traders to large organisations with international influence. A Chartered Engineer, Member of the Institute of Engineering & Technology, her strength is in business planning & opportunities, strategy and change – fresh eyes to build new, stronger futures. Stories for change – what’s your story?
Runs fortnightly, depending on demand.
Want to find out more? hillary@zumiya.co.uk

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Hillary Taylor