Through the meadow


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Cassiobury Park - both cafés
Saturday, June 4, 2022 to Sunday, July 10, 2022
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"Many eyes go through the meadow but few see the flowers"
Ralph Waldo Emmerson

I have my first solo exhibition! It's in Cassiobury Park, and started on the weekend of the Jubilee and Watford's Centenary Parade: From Seed to Bloom. We will be here for all of June and the start of July
I made a presentation with some pictures of the exhibition and background to my process - the slides are included in a blog post.
Please have a browse and a scroll!
- there are more images on Instagram: @BigDayDoodles

My images are created from multiple layers of photographs carefully layered and blended - adding intriguing depth and texture. In fact, when they were printed on this large scale I saw details I had never seen before!

The photos used in these digital composites were taken on local walks. I started going on some very long walks in lockdown and discovered wonderful places to enjoy right on my doorstep - some further afield, and far enough away that I had never considered them walking distance before!
The locations of flowers, trees and meadows in my exhibition are Cassiobury Park, The Grove Hotel, Shendish Manor, Boxmoor and Apsley.

I have lots of people to thank....
* Watford Council's Cassiobury Park Team who have been so accomodating
* Both cafés - Daisy's in the park and Cha Café - have been really helpful and welcoming in setting up my work
* Amma from Amanartis Studios for 'finding me' , making me part of the centenary celebrations, and having faith in me - and to Victoria for introducing us.
* Anna, from Anna's Funky Art, who less than a year ago told me to exhibit in the Dacorum Creatives Art Hub - despite my protests that I just did my photography for myself. I haven't looked back since!
* Nick for walking through the meadows with me and supporting me in persuing my art
* Everyone who has given me feedback on the art in the exhibition - I'm blown away and so happy!

Art for sale includes the large prints on an eco-friendly canvas alternative as well as Watford Centenary souvenir A3 posters and postcards

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Katharine Harper