Exhibition Judith Menges - Glass Art Designs


Venue, Timing, Cost

Glass Studio in Harpenden by appointment 01582 460904 Online: www.transparentimages.com
Saturday, August 22, 2020 to Wednesday, September 30, 2020
10: am - 6: pm Mon. - Sat. + Evenings on request, Please call for appointment.
Free entry to Studio & Garden Area (2 people max at a time- mask required)
#Element Water ( #Blue & White) #Sculptural Glass Wall Art  #Inspired by Earths Seven Natural Elements # The Elements collection of glass images, include #Element Earth, #Element Air, Element Water #Element Fire #Element Wood  #Element Metal  #Element Aether #Commission a full set of images or a single panel # 2020 new Element images inspired by #The Periodic Table of Elements made as Conceptual Glass Wall Art #Triptychs #  and Large Glass Bowls

Glass Wall Art Images inspired by Earths Seven Natural Elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire & by commission, Wood, Metal & Aether.
For 2020 I expanded the glass series to include, Conceptual Glass Art images inspired by the Metals, Gasses & Minerals of The Periodic Table of Elements. #Personalised Gifts for people who love science, #Glass Wall Art made as a set or single glass panel

Gemstones & Birthstones made as Wall Art, Triptychs & Large Bowls #Inspiration for the Gemstone - Birthstone series came about while studying the qualities, colours & character of the gemstone for a commission of 15 glass designs inspired by # Baltic Amber. I was so intrigued by the uncut, unpolished, Gemstone images (Cochise College – Geology) I now make a changing collection of food safe,glass bowls; in three sizes; They make great personalised gifts for a Birthday, Anniversary or Wedding.

New Glass Images - I add a new series of glass every 3 years to keep the designs fresh and up-to-date &. when I remake a much loved image, I change the design, so all images are 1/1.
Method of Making Glass - Each design is fired in a kiln 2 - 3 times to build up its sculptural & reflective surfaces; to change the flat glass design, into a bowl; it is placed onto a mould and heated in a kiln, until it slumps. Glass Art Bowls are made in three sizes.

Note: 2020 Studio Visit - By appointment only, Mobile: 07903 211410 (2 people maximum- Please wear a mask)

What you can see Online & at my Glass Studio:
On-line: Website - See all #6 series of Glass Art Design, made as Wall-Art, Triptychs & Large Bowls (Medical Art/ Sci-Art not on website)
Studio visit: By appointment only; 2 people max (mask required) 07903 211410 Open until Dec. 2020

Visiting the Studio: My studio is in Harpenden, Herts. AL5 4QE - On Display are 35 Different Glass Art Bowls & Glass Wall Art Panels
SEE the reflective colour changing glass, FEEL the tactile & sculptural surfaces, BUY something you see or -
COMMISSION a personalised Glass Art Panel or set of images, in your own choice of colours and themes!

Need ideas? Have something in mind? The six series of Unique Glass images that have been made over the past 23 years are:
Gemstones, Birthstones, Anniversary Stones. The Planets, (Mars. Jupiter, Saturn's Rings, Super Blue Moon) Botanical Art - Purple Orchids, Star Liles, Roses & Red Poppies? For 2019 - 2021 - Earths Seven Natural Elements & The Periodic Table of Elements as Glass Art.

• All glass images made from Bullseye Art Glass.
• Each Glass Panel & Glass Art Bowl is one of a kind -1/1 & signed on the back by the Artist.
• Hanging: Each panel of glass can be fixed directly onto your wall, with the 2 professional glass fixings that come with each panel.
• If you prefer to have the glass mounted into a frame, or onto a stand, for display please contact the Artist. P.O.A.
• Lighting: Glass needs light, but no special lighting is necessary to show off the ever changing colours of the reflective glass surfaces.