Themed online trails - a world to explore

Themed Online Trails 2021

Open Studios 2021 is here, now, and we have both In-Person and Virtual Art Trails for you - something new each and every day.

Our 23 daily Theme-based Art Trails each feature a taster video and flipbook, introducing artists whose art/practice relates to that theme.

Each day, our artists will also be sharing Theme-related insights online through social media, blogs or other commentary. You can immerse yourself in their work, follow posts (follow the hashtag #HertsOpenStudios to explore, comment and share your discoveries) or see what we're up to on our Social Wall. There are plenty of ways to explore here on the website, including Galleries and (artist) videos. Every day, every journey is different - who knows what you will discover from the comfort of ... wherever you are.

If you'd prefer to browse our collections, head to our Bookcase or YouTube Channel

Once you're ready to visit, we have over 60 studios and group exhibitions waiting for you, so there's plenty to see, do and experience. You may be able to take part in artist-led workshops too. Use our fantastic online map and search features to plan your visits and remember that our new Open Studios 2021 e-Brochure is an amazing resource too. 

Just select one of the daily images below to start your exploration. 

Herts Open Studios 2021, exploring our Open Studios website and Themes