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September / October 2021
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Hillary Taylor

Art forms: Applied arts, Calligraphy, Ceramics, Computer arts, Drawing, Gallery owner, Graphic art, Mixed media 2D, Mixed media 3D, Painting, Sculpture, Textiles
A history of Washington DC - in pop colours

I'm really an engineer, a builder, with an art habit. My work is often a long game: for example the ongoing townscapes series that hold generational life stories from the everyday to power, politics and international migrations.
I collect ideas, images and things, then I play around with composition. Finally, I assemble the pieces: real or imaginary townscapes, 3-D print sculptures, asemic writing/shapes, paper and found materials re-imagined into a final piece. Sometimes I start with a specific idea, sometimes the journey dictates the outcome. Always, always, the journey is important and the outcome underpinned by research.

Telephone: 07939 478466

Shraddha Desai

Art forms: Textiles
A sharp cry from a majestic bird

Having a Master's degree in Textile Design, Shree has been in the textile field for the past 30 years. During this time Shree has established her own textile production unit, worked for the government of India for tribal projects, bespoke projects for hotels, and creating textile artworks with various techniques like weaving, batik, tie-dye, block-printing, and silk painting. Now she is working on Threadwork to create unique artworks. The theme of her work is nature and at this time she is very much fascinated by birds. Shree is creating shapes by removing threads from the fabric and more gradation without any fixed structure to remove the threads. Every shape is hidden with some new effect.

* Talented Art Fair Exhibition, Brick Lane, Old Truman, London, 2018
* Artsdepot Open Exhibition, Artsdepot, London, 2018
* Batik Artworks Exhibition, Stanmore Library, London, 2017
* Batik and Thread Artworks Exhibition, Artsdepot, London
Phone: 07966393954

Telephone: 07966 393954

Opal Seabrook

Art forms: Design, Glass, Jewellery
Fused Glass Cactus Characters

A self-confessed glass nerd with an endless imagination and excitement for her work, Opal began her glass career in stained glass techniques and, through testing her ideas against traditionalist views, developed her skills into fusing techniques, designing and creating intricate and quirky glass art.

Opal’s ever-evolving style is inspired by a wide range of sources, including tattoos, comics, pop art, nature, photography, & art in its wider context; she uses techniques such as airbrushing, powder printing, freehand painting, & sgraffito prior to kiln firing, incorporating other materials alongside glass to ensure her creations are truly unique.
Opal’s work is exhibited in galleries & found in private collections across the globe; exhibitions and events include:
Childwickbury Arts Fair since 2014, The British Glass Biennale 2019, Contemporary Glass Society’s Celestial Bodies exhibition 2019 (winner of the People's Prize), National Liberty Museum’s 21st Glass Auction and Gala 2020.

Telephone: 07976 299991

John Ridge

Art forms: Computer arts, Graphic art
colour wheel

I have been playing with vector graphics since the late eighties. Vector graphics can be reproduced at (almost) any size with no loss of quality.
Recently I realised that they have a lot in common with the geometry of compass and rule, an technique that was used in the creation of diverse works such as Stonehenge and, Celtic mirror and medieval manuscript decoration. Some of my work is based around the square and compass. Some of it 'just happened'.

Telephone: 01727 763184
Alternative contact number: 07926 803040

Gordon Andrews

Art forms: Painting - designing, Drawing, Mixed media 2D, Multimedia painting, Painting, Photography
Sunshine on the hills - Bushmead, Luton

Gordon Andrews - Artist and photographer based in Luton.
I work in various media, including watercolour, acrylics, oils, charcoal, collage, and mixed media. My photographs are Giclee printed on various types of photographic papers for high definition, colour reproduction and longevity.
My work is generally based on subjects which are of intense interest to me which I can then interpret and reproduce my visions of the world around me.
Those visions are ones which catch the imagination, and that are particularly impressive in form, vibrancy, colour and shades. My artworks are varied in design and format and show my respect of a variety of landscapes and nature that can be reassembled and enable regular appreciation.
I hope to provide the viewer with a feeling of calm, satisfaction and mindfulness.
I work from my studio which can be visited in a Covid safe environment and works can be viewed and discussed at close range.
See Instagram @flashartandphotography.

Telephone: 07912 861618

Elspeth Keith

Art forms: Ceramics
Colourful set of pots with legs.

Colourful pots for the house and garden. Sculptures of animals and people.

Telephone: 07818 433575