The Gallery@8

Please note this listing is from the 2019 Open Studios


8 Leyton Road
Opposite Waitrose
07813 943912
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Refreshments available, Practical demonstrations, Credit card facility
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September 2019
9.30am-5pm (Sat: 9.30am-8pm; Sun: 9.30am-3pm)


Showing in this group


Sally Taylor

Art forms: Illustration, Painting
Jimi Hendrix in Brusho

Brusho Crystal Pigments are gaining enthusiasm in the art-world and I am delighted to show a range of art created with these magical colours.

On view will be a iconic portraits such as Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and many others as well as florals and landscapes - all painted in Brusho, plus a range of greetings cards and prints.

On most days during the week I shall be running demonstrations, sharing details about the workshops I run and answering questions on the techniques I use.

All artwork is available for sale and commissions taken.

Telephone: 01438 317722
Alternative contact number: 07813 943912

Laura Dunmow

Art forms: Painting
 Approaching Storm

Laura is a representational artist, living and working in Hertfordshire. Her figurative and landscapes are atmospheric paintings, reflecting on the depth of diverse human emotions and in nature, it's drama and seasons. Her inspiration is immersed in the classical style of oil painting that centres around the aesthetic values of colour and unity of space, where the use of light and interpreted brush strokes create her distinctive, contemporary style of painting. She continues to create an eclectic body of work, with collections that explore various themes, always stretching and challenging her creative focus. Over the past year Laura has under-taken a number of commissions, creating bespoke gifts that capture a unique personal statement reflecting both the character of the owners and their home.
Laura has exhibited throughout Hertfordshire and the 3 counties, where her work sells through both galleries and exhibitions.

Telephone: 01438 717991
Alternative contact number: 07711 719452

Andrew Keenleyside

Art forms: Painting, Printmaking
Bamville Wood - Harpenden Common

I am a Painter and Printmaker who lives and works in Harpenden. My main subject matter is the local landscape and the changing seasons and how these affect the colours and moods of a particular view or composition. I try to capture the essence of a landscape and the visual memory that it leaves behind. I have had a series of one-man shows in London and the home counties and my work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in London and is also represented in a number of private collections in the USA, the Far East, South Africa and Europe.

Telephone: 01582 712318
Alternative contact number: 07968 340712

Lesley Pollock

Art forms: Jewellery
Sky blue topaz silver ring with a satin finish.

The transformation of precious metals from their plain and rough origin into elegant shiny wearable jewellery is inspiring. Forging, melting and casting these materials and producing beautifully finished objects using ancient skills is fascinating. This coupled with the addition of awkward, hard yet twinkling stones into beguiling settings is challenging.
Nature cannot be improved upon but it is the inspiration behind ideas leading to adornments which can mimic in shape or texture natural objects. Keep your eyes open and free your mind to imagine how a ring can bear an ice crystal trapped in a crevasse. Let the light play on the stones to see the colours of the rainbow. Nature is in the materials and I would like to reveal the sparkle and colour in the simplest, clearest way possible.

Telephone: 01582 764693

Liz Rogers Art

Art forms: Painting

Liz Rogers is a local professional artist running regular watercolour classes and annual workshops in France. Liz has a BAHons Degree in Typography and Graphic Communication and always painted, at first in oils but now prefers watercolour and mixed media. Inspiration frequently comes from nature particularly the contradiction of order and chaos it offers. Bold sweeps of strong colour contrast with more delicate random details. Liz recently exhibited with the Royal Watercolour Society.

Telephone: 01442 249888
Alternative contact number: 07931 790466