Gallery 32

Please note this listing is from the 2019 Open Studios


8 Leyton Road
Pop up shop, opposite Waitrose, across zebra crossing on right of Ian Kelly Hair
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Practical demonstrations, Credit card facility
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September 2019
10am-5pm (Thu & Fri: 10am-8pm; Sun: 10am-4pm)


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Debbie Knight

Art forms: Painting - designing
Abstract oil painting, pink, yellow, aqua, purple, blue, plus graphite scratchings.

Debbie is an art graduate who has returned to art after a career in teaching. She has been oil painting now for 10 years and in that time has built up a vocabulary of marks, which she now uses in her expressive abstract work. Whilst her work is ever evolving, fundamentally she returns to the same core themes; she has a deep interest in ancient history, myth and faith, man's origins and common dreams. This coupled with being a keen observer of the world around us, both natural and man made, its structures and constructs, all have a voice within her work. Through colour and layering, texture, scratches, adding and removing paint, Debbie builds an image which is open for the viewer to interpret, but shows an outward expression of the drama that has built the image. An attempt to keep the beauty and wonder showing through, as more menacing marks lay on top. A battle she aims to win when deciding that the piece is finished. Her work is for sale on Saatchi art, and can be viewed on Instagam.

Telephone: 07941 240589

Sarah Broughton

Art forms: Printmaking
Mixed media print combining collograph, paper stencils and transfer prints

Beautiful prints created using a combination of different printmaking processes. These include linocut, collograph, paper stencils and transfer printing. Line, simplicity of shape, texture and colour and observation of small details are all evident in the work. The subjects of the prints are landscapes and natural forms all of which usually have a personal connection. Each new print is approached in an experimental way so that ‘happy accidents’ and the unexpected can occur.

Telephone: 07506 142139

Susan Edwards

Art forms: Painting, Printmaking

Susan has been studying and working with a group of Harpenden oil painters for the past 13 years, and has exhibited and sold paintings locally.
She chooses a variety of subjects, such as plants in her own garden, and local landscapes, or seascapes and architecture from further afield, or more cryptic themes, taking inspiration from imagination, observation or her own photography. She aspires to abstract painting, but her work, although quite loose and energetic, is usually figurative. Sometime she regards the related photographs as outcomes in their own right.
Susan also took up printing 3 years ago and has been experimenting with monotypes and linocut prints that can be produced without a press. She enjoys the constraints and surprises of the craft of printing, and makes monoprints, each one produced using different-coloured or graduated inks or varying techniques, such as underprinting or the use of stencils, so that no two completed images are the same.

Telephone: 07971 264861

Jill Foster

Art forms: Jewellery
Agate slice pendant

I have been designing and making silver jewellery for nearly 10 years. I enjoy incorporating stones into some of my pieces and many of my designs evolve as I am working on them.

Telephone: 07906 895742

Anne Hignell

Art forms: Drawing, Mixed media 2D, Painting
#Yorkshiredales #mixedmedia #acrylic #charcoal #hills

Anne lives in Hertfordshire and has been painting for over 25 years. Having studied the figure for 5 years, her work varies in subject but is now mostly concerned with landscape. The Yorkshire and Derbyshire Dales and Scottish coast and islands have been huge inspirations over the last few years, but recent travels to New Zealand and Australia have opened up new ideas and thoughts to explore. Anne's work is semi-abstract in style with loose expressive mark making. She uses a mixture of media including paint, collage, charcoal and chalk.

Telephone: 01582 462123
Alternative contact number: 07968 688686

Audrey Pollok

Art forms: Sculpture

My pieces are made with Bits from Boxes which we all seem to keep. I'm a keen recycler so making art from things which would end up in landfill sits very well with me. I have to buy glue, paint and mirrors but try not to buy anything else and rely on things people give to me. The uniqueness of my pieces is guaranteed because I rarely have the same things twice.

The round mirrors are usually 18 diameter, and the square ones are slightly larger.

Telephone: 01582 764935
Alternative contact number: 07983 835704

Amanda Xuereb

Art forms: Drawing, Painting

Amanda is a self taught artist based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.
She primarily uses coloured pencil as her chosen medium and has been a coloured pencil artist for over 20 years. In the last 18 months she has started working on canvas experimenting with combining acrylics, spray paint and paint pens.
Her work is mostly abstract although she does do occasional portraits and other subject matter. Her abstract work has a graphic quality to it, made up of lots of hard, straight lines and geometric shapes. She is constantly looking to improve her work by incorporating new shapes and lines into her designs.
Her work is influenced by Cubism, Abstract, Futurism, Art Deco and more recently Graffiti, in particular 3D Graffiti and Graffuturism purely for the complexity of the subject as well as the use of interlocking shapes and lots of lines.

Telephone: 07981 027593