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All artists know how important it is to have good clear high-definition photos of their work which accurately represent the colours they’ve used. These photos may be needed to apply for exhibitions, submit for competitions, make prints or cards, post in online galleries, or use in other promotion.

Instead of our usual July area meeting, on Wednesday 19 July HVA North Herts is offering HVA members a photography workshop at The Settlement, 229 Nevells Road, Letchworth SG4 6UB. 

The workshop ‘Take Better Photos of your Art’ will be run by Letchworth Camera Club. There will be two sessions – 6.45 for 7 pm (limited places remaining), and 8 for 8.15 pm.   

In each session, the Camera Club team will show us how to:

  • take better photos at home
  • understand different methods, and
  • handle potential problems.

Everyone should bring a typical piece of their work to be photographed. Ideally something that’s not too precious in case of any mishaps.

This isn’t about the experts’ taking loads of photos of our work, but a chance for you to find out how to take better photos at home or in your studio, using your smart phone or camera.  A ‘photo-taking’ session could be arranged on another day if needed.

Each workshop will begin with an overview and end with Q&A. In between, artists will be split into small groups to rotate around a number of different set-ups. There you’ll be shown ‘how to’ by a Letchworth Camera Club member - and will maybe ‘have a go’.  The various set-up layouts will suit different art forms and we’ll be shown how to replicate these for photo sessions at home.

Information will include:

  • How to diffuse light and to stop shadows or glare
  • How to get correct colours
  • Advice to help you get the best from your smartphone or camera
  • How to use and hold your phone (or cameras if you have one)
  • How to use or make a tripod so the phone is stable
  • Editing tools and how to use them.

Each workshop session will be about 60 minutes long.  You’ll receive a handout of notes at the end which will include suggestions for other sources of information.

The fee of £6 per person includes a £5 donation to the camera club. 

To register your interest, please email nherts@hvaf.org.uk stating:

  • If you prefer 7 pm or 8.15 pm, or could attend either
  • Your name and contact number
  • Whether you usually use Android Smartphone, iPhone, iPad or Camera to take photos
  • What sort of artwork do you create?