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Paul Hillary painting

Paul Hillary

Processes in Art for my ‘Sense of Scape’ pieces

Generally my artpieces are created based on intuition, both in subject matter, and in the way I create physically. As most of us do, I draw on a memory bank of scapes and colours that inspire me. I tend not to follow rigid processes too much but prefer to explore application and technique quite a bit. There are a couple of aspects in my creativity that I do often follow.

Whether canvas or board I do apply neutral texture with various tools. Rollers, sponges, serrated palette knives. Whatever I imagine will spark some interesting marks when painted. I then re-gesso the whole piece. At this stage I often go for it with runny paint, squirty bottles and squeegees randomly and loosely applied to a canvas on the floor, manipulated to create some interesting areas, then leave to dry overnight.


I then start retaining the ‘tasty areas’ and work over or into the other areas. I repeat this numerous times, but also photograph and print off at a couple of stages, and work over in soft pastels. Sometimes quite a few options. I find this allows me to experiment with different compositions and colours, including those I may not use much. I’m looking for harmonies of shape and colour that chime. Then it’s on the wall with the artwork so I can live with it for a while, and revisit if needed.



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