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Little prince and the butterfly
Little prince and the butterfly

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Having undiagnosed dyslexia and ADHD, I often found school and socialising difficult but the one thing that I was told I was good at was drawing, which helped slowed down my racing brain. I always dreamt of being an artist, I was accepted at Art college but due to family commitments and lack of self-belief, I entered the world of work instead (my biggest regret) and then life took over. Life got very busy; five children, working full time as Learning Support Co-ordinator helping and supporting Children with Special Educational needs - I had very little time to chase my passion.

Then the first lockdown of 2020 happened. I was fortunate to be furloughed and for the first time I had time. I picked up a brush (first time in over 30 years) and fell in love.

I am just emerging into the world of art, which means it is a great opportunity for you to own a piece of my early works.
You are welcome to look at my website www.squorn-artist.com
or contact me via email (or social media) squorn@squorn-artist.com