Christmas Showcase

New for 2020: 14th November - 31st December #HertsChristmasArts

Our 2020 Christmas Showcase is now closed. This page refers to our 2020 event, and 2021 arrangements will be added here in due course.

This is your opportunity to promote seasonal events, art, crafts to a wide audience - get ready to join in the fun. We’re taking our artists/their work directly to audiences across Hertfordshire and beyond, underscoring continuing commitment to members:

  • opportunities for wider visibility and engagement
  • encourage fellowship
  • improve digital skills development

Members simply update their Gallery to put a seasonal image at the top, then also select the Christmas Showcase Theme. There is no charge to participate, but you are encouraged to complete this before 21st November to feature in our seasonal flipbook and video.

The Two Main Events

With our flipbook and video now launched, we have 2 exciting Christmas Showcase opportunities (both a little different from our recent virtual Open Studios).

  • Two Live Christmas Fairs on 28th November and 5th December
  • On-line Winter Exhibition exclusively for Showcase Video/Flipbook artists.


Winter Exhibition

Please read this next bit carefully - there's some important deadlines. Also, the Exhibition is only open to artists who feature in our published Christmas Showcase flipbook/video

  • 8am Wednesday 25th November: registration deadline (link below) and exhibition preparation begins
  • 8am Thursday 26th November: image deadline - email one high quality image (<5MB) to
  • image name must include your name: example fredbloggs-tree.jpg
  • no late entries/changes can be accepted: (sorry)
  • 8am Thursday 26th November: exhibition image loading begins 
  • HVAF organising group reserves the right to decline entries at their sole discretion
  • 28th November: exhibition launches on our website (the page isn't visible yet) and runs through to early 2021
  • Herts Visual Arts cannot and will not sell or act as a sale intermediary in any way
  • exhibition visitors must be able to contact you directly/easily through your HVAF Gallery
  • you must be prepared/able to sell/arrange safe delivery of your exhibit within the UK
  • you are responsible for all aspects of any customer contact, sale, delivery
  • you must make additional postage/packing charges clear


Live Christmas Fair 4-6pm Saturday 28th November

Open to all member artists who update their Gallery in line with the Christmas Showcase guidelines

Live artists show and tell
If there's enough interest we'll schedule a live Zoom event where a number of artists can present their work in scheduled 5-minute slots. It could also be a scheduled pre-recorded video you've already made. This would be broadcast and then uploaded to (for example) the HVAF YouTube account.
Instagram/other 'lives'
Individual artists could plan to do a 'live' at a particular time - we can show you how to add it to your Gallery for inclusion in our live schedule page. 
Live on Instagram 
During our Christmas Fair, artists can create an Instagram story illustrating a piece of their work for sale -  we'll add them to a Christmas Fair story reel on our account.  
Video and Reels (Instagram) get lots of attention - spin your own video to raise your profile. 

Summary of things to do:

  • Update (at least) your first Gallery image with a seasonal theme
  • Select Christmas Showcase as a Theme while editing your Gallery

Optional extras

  • Add any planned seasonal workshops, exhibitions/events
  • Create or add any season-specific videos
  • Post on Social Media using #HertsChristmasArts to feature on our Social Wall
  • Take part in our Live Virtual Showcase events

Wider visibility: great exposure comes from increased website and social media visits/activity, putting our artists and their work in front of more potential viewers and customers.

Fellowship: Let’s collaborate, support and celebrate. Initial Open Studios 2020 feedback clearly shows the benefit of reviewing/presenting art/practice and getting to know fellow artists.

Digital Skills: Keeping Gallery content fresh, including video, social media and live events are all stepping stones on our respective journeys, when you are ready.

Step 1

  • Update your Gallery, especially the first image, to be seasonal – your interpretation.
  • While editing your Gallery, add yourself to the Christmas Showcase theme
  • Look out for event updates on this page
  • Follow the event itself, share it to your contacts, join in and have some fun


Step 2 (optional)

  • Holding or taking part in any Christmas events? Make sure to add them to your profile (go to My Account)
  • Join in with chat and ideas in the PRIVATE Facebook Group
  • Like, share, comment on our Facebook event 


Step 3 (optional)

  • Posting on social media? #HertsChristmasArts gets you noticed/on our Social Wall
  • Join in on Instagram - here's our Account
  • Are you brave enough to do live events? 
  • Join in with our live sessions, snowball your skills and visibility


Key Dates 

Saturday 14th November

  • event page is live link to event
  • event hashtag is #HertsChristmasArts is live
  • On Social media (Twitter, Instagram), use #HertsChristmasArts in your posts to feature on our live social wall
  • everyone, start sharing our event to your friends, relatives, contacts, etc

Monday 16th November: if you are on Facebook, join our Vice-Chair Sally Taylor to learn about live events (visit our PRIVATE facebook group for the link)

Friday 20th November: last day for Gallery image/theme updates if you want to be in the event flipbook/video

Saturday 21st November: event flipbook and video launched

8am Wednesday 25th November: Exhibition registration deadline, exhibition preparation begins

7-9 pm Wednesday 25th November: safe and supported live event help/practice in the PRIVATE Facebook group.

8am Thursday 26th November: image deadline - one high quality image (<5MB)

Saturday 28th November: Winter Exhibition opens

4-6pm Saturday 28th November: get ready to join in with our special Live Christmas Fair across Social Media

Saturday 5th December pm: get ready to join in with our special Live Christmas Fair across Social Media


Next Steps/More Info

All Virtual Christmas Showcase content on the website is automatically driven through your HVAF Gallery. By selecting the Christmas Showcase theme, you are automatically agreeing to take part. Login and select Edit on your Gallery page.

Christmas Showcase Image: The first image in your Gallery will be used to promote you/the event. Images/Theme selection after 20th November may not be included in our flipbook/video. Upload a suitable image and move it to the top. It must either be an entire piece, close up/detail or an arranged collection of small pieces (for example, jewellery). Please do not stitch several images/photos together (composites will be rejected). See notes below on artwork selection.

Gallery Content: Do you sell cards? Have you got specific Christmas offerings? What do you want potential customers to know about you at this time of year?

Check your Gallery:

  • Is it easy to identify and find? Does it include your name?
  • Include one image of you at work, or work in progress.
  • You can upload a maximum of 15 images of your work
  • Have you selected the Christmas Showcase theme?
  • Have you specified your artforms?
  • Upload a maximum of 3 videos (you will need to create your own YouTube or Vimeo account) covering the following topics: 1) Studio tour 2) Biography/meet the artist 3) Artists at work
  • Decide whether you wish to hold video consultations, virtual or live events and make a plan for how you will cover this.

Contact Details: Are they up to date? Can a prospective customer get in touch with you or find your selling site (if you have one)?

Artwork: Gallery images are so important - choose clear, bright, attractive images that make your work look worth the visit. Images can be entire pieces or a close up/detail. Images must be suitable for a general audience, including children, and must be single images only (not composites/text). Make sure the image is in focus. Herts Visual Arts reserves the right to decline images if unsuitable for any reason, including obvious advertising content. The image must be your copyright, your own work. Copyright of all work remains with the originating rightful owner.

Christmas Showcase: This theme will be searchable on the website

Biography: What will the reader learn by reading yours? Have you removed old content? This is your opportunity to present/describe what you offer and engage new audiences – do you produce cards, cards, gifts, functional items?

Publicity Materials: You are agreeing that your images/videos/content can be used for publicity and promotion.

Workshops and exhibitions: If you have video classes, workshops, exhibitions or other events, have you edited the workshops/exhibitions section in My Account? List any physical OS venues as an exhibition. This could include any local ‘Art Window’ trails, Christmas Markets, On-line Studios visits, and more.