Our new website is now fully live, and I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved. Our members have been testing the site through this process, and giving feedback. With Open Studios fast approaching I'll be keen to see how the new site works for us, and will be monitoring web traffic and social media as we go. Please make the most of the next few weeks of publicity by making sure your Gallery pages are up to date! Just log in, and use the blue buttons at the top of the screen to edit your details. Don't miss out!

This is a crucial part of HVA’s future plan to boost numbers for next year - to make Open Studios exciting, and create an enormous buzz, and get as many members as we can wanting to join in for Summer 2017!

Here’s the plan…(In addition to the usual promotional stuff)

Before Open Studios (now!)

●      Get Twitter and Facebook pages set up and up to date

●      Login to your HVA gallery page and update

●      Spend some time on Twitter and get following, look on our HVAF account for people to follow. Check out #hertshour

During Open Studios

●      Share something on Facebook/Twitter every day that you are open.

●      On Twitter, every Monday between 8-9pm there is #hertshour Create a tweet, say hello, let people know what you’re up to, show your work. Re-tweet each other and have a network! It’s a really good productive bit of networking from home.

●      Tweet your studio selfies!

●      Like, and share each others’ posts

●      HVA will be running a paid-for Facebook campaign during OS which increases traffic considerably.

Always include an image in your social media posts, and remember that social media is about showing your personality!

Hashtags we’ll be using - use across Facebook and Twitter! Add these to any/all social media posts.





Don’t forget, if you don’t post anything, we can’t promote you on social media!

Share each others posts, connect, support and encourage each other - be the powerful network you can be! *this* is where there is huge value in being part of an arts organisation!

On our HVA Facebook page, we have almost 1000 likes, so posting there means you are more likely to be seen. Even if just one or two of you share a post from our page, it increases the page reach from around 100 people to 600 people. So please, share away, it really does make a huge difference. It will help our viewers find you, and hopefully like your page too.

I know some of you are already using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram really well, and some of you are new to the whole thing and maybe feeling as though you have to learn how to do all of this!

If you’re new to it all, and need a hand getting started

●      There are video tutorials on our Facebook page

●      Search Youtube for whatever you need to know (eg. “how to set up a facebook page”)

●      I have a blog with lots of information about Social media, and marketing for artists, please feel free to have a look! I hope it’s helpful. I should mention my blog is a separate project to HVA and isn’t affiliated in any way!

●      There are free courses via Community Action Dacorum on social media - run by Matt, who is our contact at Radio Dacorum.

...and remember...none of us learned Social Media at school, we are all self taught, so you can do it!!

If HVA haven’t found you on social media yet, or perhaps you’re setting up a new account, please let me know so that we can connect.

Social media is not just for Open Studios, it’s a powerful FREE way of connecting with your customers and being seen throughout the year and moving forward.

I’ll be visiting as many of you as I can during Open Studios, and doing lots of social media, I’m really looking forward to it all, and meeting some of you for the first time. I hope that with all of this in place, we can move HVA forward enormously as well as having a great Open Studios event this year!  How to host a successful Open Studios event

We can generate some real momentum over the next few months, create some networking opportunities, enjoy and show off our new website, and make ourselves a positive, accessible, friendly, awesome artists hub!