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Exhibition or Studio modular assembly screens kit FOR SALE.

We got fed up hiring vans for 8' x 4' screens & needing two people to move even one.When stored or transported in a car these only make a stack of 3' x 4' panels plus thin 6ft legs which can lean over the folded front seat.

They can assemble to make six 6' x 4' screens, each consisting of 2 strengthened ply panels. These slide down into grooves in the 'legs'. - of which there are 2 corners, 2 ends & 3 flat connectors. One picture shows the backs of 3 pairs of 3' x 4' panels, with strengthening battens.

The other pictures shows 2 options of 2 corners & in a straight row, with 2 turn around ends. It took 2 men about 2 hours to set them up like this. They can also be assembled as 2 separate corners of 3 pairs etc. There are metal strips to screw for additional stability.

They could also have panels or mount boards put on the back so that if they were in the middle of a space they could be hung both sides.I have hung work with picture hooks over the tops, which are quite thin, which saves making good from holes in the ply for daily working.

We paid £200 just for the wood from B & Q, & £140 to have the supports & legs made etc. so I suggest a price of about half (£170). They could be split in half but another leg or two would then have to be made.

Contact Terry Sadler - 01442 864400 or