September 2012


A site specific commission, access to Art facilities, new art & craft shop opening in St. Albans and more, much more ....

Members remember you can find out about opportunities as they are loaded by clicking the 'Keep me updated' button at the foot of the Opportunities page.

Members Meetings

We can all independently create webpages and post beautiful pictures of our work on-line, but how can we use social media to help ourselves and HVA reach a wider audience?  Find out more at our meeting on Wednesday 31 October  where Adam Blackie will speak on: Looking Good - Unlock your Sociable Side to find more Opportunities

Exhibitions & Events

Herts Open Studios, the Herts Visual Arts Exhibition at Harpenden Public Halls, and more...


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Art Groups News & Meetings

All members are welcome at our Art Group meetings.  To find out about arrangements for future meetings please email the group leaders on the links at the end of this article.  Welcome to Caroline Davis who has agreed to take over the running of the glass group.

Artist on File: Sarah How

SARAH HOW – Painter, mixed media and photographer

I am always intrigued to visit an artist in their studios, and my afternoon with Sarah How was no exception. She is a vibrant and bright woman with zillions of ideas and plans for the future. Listening to her talk about her work was inspirational and energising.

What is copyright?

Everyone has heard of copyright, but making sense of it is less easy.  However, the essentials of copyright law are not technical.  This article seeks to set out the main features of copyright law of which artists need to be aware.

Copyright is the phrase that lawyers use to refer to the rights in creative works.  Because of this, copyright does not protect ideas themselves.  Copyright protects the expression of ideas, across a wide variety of media. 

Jo's Web Wizardry

With the arrival of Open Studios this month, here are some reminders on how you can use social media to promote your work and create a buzz around your event.

Belinda's Bash

What’s the answer?

To some people art must seem like a senseless act, cluttering the world with more ‘stuff’. Yet for some reason makers continue to have the urge to make it – and some of these makers along with other people also want to view it and buy it. What is the dynamic that makes this strange cycle continue?