A few References for Identity

Work by Fiona Scheibl
Venue: Courtyard Arts
Port Vale, Hertford
15 - 26 September

Fiona Scheibl writes

I NORMALLY paint withered petals, over-exposed machinery and manic or sleeping dogs but, in this first solo show at Courtyard, I return to one of the traditional subjects of the old masters - the self portrait.

The self portrait is never romantic, it always questions and investigates identity. My portraits are messy and present a lot of drama - the drama of grief, loss, domestic violence and sexuality as facets of my experienced and changing identity. I hope that people will enjoy the painterly quality of the works as well as relate to the themes they deal with.
I work in oil on canvas/ linen.

A few References for Identity, 15 - 26 September, Courtyard Arts, Port Vale, Hertford SG14 3AA. Opening times 10 – 4, Tues to Sat, until 5pm Fridays, closed Sun and Mon. All welcome, free admission. More details 01992 509596.

Images: top right: i am wearing charity shop shoes, bottom right: barbie boy