Forthcoming HVA Events

Places still available for the talk by graffiti Artist and Gallery Owner Pure Evil on 20 October 2014...
and bookings now being taken for another fascinating evening on 19 November 2014 with Gary Nicholls talking about Steampunk Photography !

20 OCTOBER 2014

A unique opportunity to hear someone who is at the cutting edge of street art talk about his journey from California in the 1990’s, to designing influential streetwear clothing, to working as a Grafitti artist, to opening the Pure Evil Gallery in Shoreditch, and much more! Places still available - further details and booking form


The speaker for our next event is Gary Nicholls.   An innovative photographer who has Steampunk as his theme – want to know more?  Then please come to the Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre on 19 November at 7.30 where Gary will be covering the following topics:

'Dr William presents The Necessitti (c) Gary Nicholls

'The Conspiracy' (c) Gary Nicholls

The Imaginarium – Story in pictures

1.       The day my Art became the focus of my attention - The Spark that lit the flame

2.       Storytelling and Art – how I came up with the idea and why I have Steampunk as a theme.

3.       The processes I use, getting my work seen and the importance of research for my project.

4.       Social media and its effect on my work

5.       Different print mediums and the effect they have on the finished piece.

6.       Publishing, exhibitions, pricing and selling my Art

7.       Once the project is finished, what happens next?

Remember if you want to come please sign up through the HVAF website to reserve your place.

Further images & booking form

Gary Nicholls

Gary Nicholls – Biography

Firstly, let me say that I have no formal “Art” background. I studied Design Technology and Technical drawing at Shoreditch Teacher Training College, in Egham and during that time I also took Art night classes. The most important thing I learnt about myself in that time, is that I have a natural eye, and can “see” the end result I am trying to achieve.

I started my working life teaching both subjects at Spencer Park School in Wandsworth – sadly no longer there. After 3 years of poor pay, I left and started work on a building site, doubling my pay and ruining my hands for the next 25 years!

I am now lead partner in my sustainability company – Briary Energy.

The biggest influence on my early life was my father. His big passion - hobbies, and at every opportunity he had my brother and I trying everything! So it is no surprise that he got me interested in photography at an early age, (in the darkroom at the age of 3!) My father is a part time artist, very creative and talented and has always pushed me to continue having “hobbies”. So very much later in life, here I am, finally getting to be creative with photography again. So my project is for my father, Bob, to know that his son has carried on that artistic and creative side, which is his legacy.

Since the age of 16 I have been a part time performing musician, which took up all my spare time. However, that all changed when I joined Stevenage Photographic Society in 2009. Camera clubs are a great way to improve your camera skills, and mine certainly improved rapidly and yes, they probably all are full of retirees, but think of all that experience on tap!

The major turning point came in September 2012 when I bought tickets for the Lincoln Steampunk Festival at the Asylum, and the day that I met Julie Walton and Laura Bradley gave me that eureka moment, the moment when I knew I had found my niche………..

The idea of “The Imaginarium” was born from that meeting, and the fantastic bunch of people that form “the Cast”. Late night phone calls, secret facebook groups, clandestine meetings, trips to New York, clambering through old buildings, jumping out of the car, camera in hand, because I have spotted just the right tree and hours of work by the genius that is Peter Walton, my prop maker, designing and maker of the Necessitti. Hour after hour learning Image manipulation skills and writing the story I was going to create, and that was just the beginning, of The Imaginarium, a Conceptual Art project.