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News and forthcoming meetings of our Art Groups, including a new PRINTMAKING GROUP....

INDIGO meeting Wednesday 29 August 2012

An excursion into ceramic painting was held at a high street studio ‘Pots of Art’ in Hitchin. Although a non-professional situation – it provided a large table for a group of eight and a couple of hours enjoyment painting unfamiliar surfaces with ceramic paint.  Each person selected a  piece of white biscuitware: bowls, plates, mugs, vases etc. A helpful wheel of colour glazes was available to see how each ceramic paint would look when fired. With a welcome coffee supplied by the staff we were quite absorbed in our painting but could also catch up with the news across the table.


The finished pieces were left with Pots of Art who apply a clear glaze before firing. Pieces are ready for collection a week later. We intend to take our efforts to the next Indigo meeting.


All in all – a bit of fun. Occasionally it is good to try something new and everyone enjoys a practical, hands-on meeting.

About indigo north herts

Indigo is a group of mature artists working and living in Hertfordshire who meet regularly for discussions, interchange of ideas, workshops, exhibitions, video demonstrations, and other activities of common interests.

The works and styles of the artists do not follow a fixed or pre-established idea, which perhaps brings life and excitement to the work of the group, through a variety of individual approaches to the subject matter.  The important factor between the members, is their strong commitment towards their artistic growth and development, both individually or in the group as a whole.

To join email to get involved or follow their activities here or at their blog



Maria-Luisa Wilkings at Living Crafts 2012

As a number of the group were involved with Open Studios activities the sculpture group’s activities were put on hold for duration of the Open Studios. 

Our next ‘get together’ is being hosted by Maria-Luisa Wilkings in Letchworth Garden City on october 21st from 2pm onwards.

All Members welcome but please inform Maria-Luisa on



Three members of the glass group were represented at the Harpenden Exhibition earlier this month.

Gloria MacArthur, Karen Davies and Caroline Davis.   It was lovely to meet two members of the group since taking on the role of Glass Group Organiser.  Both Gloria and Karen are clearly very talented ladies and had some beautiful work on show.

by Karen Davies

I myself put two pieces of stained glass into the exhibition and was thrilled, when I arrived to steward, to be told that someone was interested in one of them. The couple bought the piece – an art deco style panel and also invited me to quote for some over door panels in their new cottage. This certainly made the 3 trips to and from Harpenden worth it.

by Gloria MacArthur

I recently passed on information about another exhibition – Glasshaus VII at Parndon Mill in Harlow. We had an invite to the private viewing. Unfortunately, I had a last minute family crisis and couldn’t attend. However, one of our members, Marilyn did and she emailed me: “...the exhibition is stunning: colour texture shape science and sheer genius”. I will certainly try to get over there to see it.  It’s on until 4 November if you fancy a trip out.


by Caroline Davis

Next week I am meeting up with Caroline Lumb and hope to discuss some ideas for the glass group. I am also thinking about trying to organise an exhibition for artists in the Watford area as there doesn’t seem to be much happening out this way at the moment.  I will keep you posted on any developments.

In the meantime, if you have any ideas please drop me a line. I am open to all suggestions.   



At our last meeting a wide variety of harvest pictures were shown - from luscious plums, via hay bales to burnt American maize stalks in a fire.

Our next meeting is at Pip Cullingford's, 5 Cunningham Ave, St Albans AL1 1JJ, on Tues Oct 23rd at 2pm. The subject is 'Anything Goes'.  TESSA BARNES