May 2014


Welcome to the May 2014 edition of the Herts Visual Arts Newsletter. A big thank you must go to our hardworking volunteers who have organised three events we are involved in this month June Faulkner for Living Crafts, Jo Atherton for The Herts Show & Sharon Struckman for the Welwyn & Hatfield Open Studios Preview at the New Maynard Gallery.

Forthcoming HVA Events

We are actively looking for new exhibition venues - do let us know if you can make a recommendation.

Here is a summary of activities we are involved in this summer, together with the Agenda for our AGM, and the autumn lecture series that our programme secretary Caroline Lumb has arranged for us.


Members if you have any NEWS you wish to share - do email 

This month's news items are the publication of a book illustrated by HVA Member Martin Impey, and the latest in our 'Postcard from Shetland' series by Connie Flynn.

Featured Artist: Marshall Colman

One of only a dozen potters in this country working with tin glaze, Marshall Colman produces intriguing and beautiful decorated pots in a style I have never seen before. The shape of his vessels, often with flat handles, references ancient amphoras. Yet they are completely contemporary, decorated in bright colours with bold gestural marks like abstract painting. Fiona Gaskell finds out how Marshall developed his very individual work.

Featured Artist: Mike Beddall

I had the great pleasure of meeting artist Mike Beddall at his home and studio in St Albans. Mike is an immensely engaging character and a prolific artist to boot. Over the years he has created a diverse body of work in differing styles and with a range of materials; oils, watercolours, pastels, gouache, crayon and charcoal. ‘I have always been obsessed with painting and drawing.  I find it liberating to create’.

Jo's Web Wizardry

Why should I use Twitter? I just don’t get it.

That is the comment I will be responding to in this month’s article. Many of my friends have registered with Twitter, but have failed to embrace the real benefits of the social network. I explain exactly what it is and demonstrate how you can make the most of this handy networking tool.

Belinda's Bash

Hunting for milk bottles

“I’m looking for a couple of those old pint milk bottles,” said Robert. (He’s trying to collect props for a play set in the late 1930s.) “Any ideas?
I have lots of ideas – mainly about this being an interesting starting point for an article about documentary art…


A selection of coloured stained glass FOR SALE at cost - total value approx £200.