Jo's Web Wizardry

Jo Atherton

This month, we discuss the Herts Visual Arts online gallery and list the benefits of uploading your work for all to see.

In this economic climate, producing artwork is just half the battle. Having put your heart and soul into a beautiful piece of work, you need to creatively promote your art and find new ways of taking it to your audience.

As a member of Herts Visual Arts, did you know that you are invited to list your work on our Gallery pages? This includes three images and space for an artist statement - a great way of establishing your online presence.

If you don’t already have a website, this gives you a virtual shop front, a way of advertising your work to a previously untapped audience.  Unlike an actual gallery, you are not reliant on visitors who are tethered to a specific geographical location.  Listing your work in the HVA gallery opens you up to international exposure.

If you do have your own website, it’s also worth doing. In my experience, my HVA gallery page is by far the biggest referrer of visitors to my own website, illustrating the large number of eyes viewing these pages.

HVA artists who have recently uploaded their own gallery include Patsy Geraghty, Suzy Taylor, Stuart Harris and Ken Haxton. Do take a look at their artwork and see how they are making the website work for them.

Uploading your own Gallery is very simple:

  • Login to the website with your username and password (link located in the very bottom left hand side of the screen) and from your welcome page
  • From the top menu, select Gallery then Add my Gallery
  • Follow the simple instructions and there’s even a video tutorial that one of our volunteers Jude Fung has created to talk you through the process. She is also on hand if you have any queries about logging in or loading your page.

If you don’t already have your work listed, you really are missing an opportunity. I can’t encourage you enough to upload some photos of your work and see what happens. If you aren’t already listed, the real question is, can you afford not to be?



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