The Official Re-opening of Watford Recycling Arts Project

Dedicated members of WRAP joined together to celebrate the re-opening by the Major of Watford, Dorothy Thornhill on 24th March 2011.

Rosemary Wybrow

Rosemary Wybrow

The community spirit was immediately evident at the re-opening of the Watford Recycling Arts Project where a close knit community of enthusiastic volunteers and members hosted the event.  Rosemary Wybrow, a member of WRAP for 7 years, had collected beads donated over the years, in a vast range of shapes and colours and they were being made into artistic creations to celebrate the occasion.

Another enthusiastic member was demonstrating a 'Stixx' machine designed by Darcy Turner, which transforms rolled newspaper tubes into strong sticks that can be used to build a diverse range of artistic structures and participants were assembling a pyramid shape with them.  Darcy Turner, an artist from London, has built a variety of structures with these tubes ranging from giant windmills to waterwheels and has been commissioned for exhibitions, TV and film companies.

There were many different art displays created by schools around the building such as brightly coloured circular collages. They were made by pupils from Kingsley High School, a school for children with learning difficulties and were deliberately assembled from materials that stimulate childrens' sense of touch, an aspect that is often important to pupils with learning difficulties.


WRAP was established 15 years ago and it supplies arts materials, that have been discarded by local industry, for re-use by schools, playgrounds, guides and scouts, carnival groups and community arts projects. These materials include paper, card, wallpaper, carpet, leather, fabric, CDs and more…no material can be guaranteed as they vary depending what they have on offer that particular day. It is based in the Watford Business Park and is financially supported by Watford Borough Council. The warehouse is run by volunteers.

WRAP currently has 600 active members and in the past has had nearly 3000. WRAP artists can be booked to run workshops anywhere and will offer training courses in 'How to deliver an art workshop', 'How to set up a community arts organisation' and 'How to run an art project from design to implementation and monitoring'. The upstairs is available for members of the public to run their own art projects or art workshops.

WRAP, Unit 1, Faraday House, Faraday Close, Watford, Herts WD18 8SA

Opening hours
Tuesday 14.00-16.30
Wednesday 10.00-12.00
Thursday 14.00-18.00
Saturday 10.00-12.00