May 2011


A busy time for our team of volunteers .... the Open Studios Brochure is currently being prepared, demonstrators getting ready for Living Crafts, and the 12" square exhibition at Hertford Theatre taking place this month.


A round-up of opportunities you might like to take advantage of ....

Artistic Holidays

Interested in a painting holiday in Lulworth Cove this year with Helen Halliday ? ... or a week of Stained Glass in Porthleven in October with Jenny Timms & Mike Caddy ? ...

HVA Lecture Series

Another enlightening and well received lecture by Professor Ken Howard, OBE, RA was held on 28 April as Val Girling (Open Studios Area Coordinator - St. Albans) reveals ...

Artist on File: Sian Fenwick


Clare Kendal Bate met with SIAN FENWICK, an artist who specialises in unique vintage inspired keepsake jewellery and wall hung collage.  ’ I am inspired by colour, texture, form, memories, keepsakes, heirlooms, fabrics, vintage, birds, family, childhood, textiles, nursery rhymes, storybooks, travel, photographs, my students and life!”

Artist on File: Susan Llewelyn Elvidge

The old art of calligraphy transformed into modern art.  The time is the 21st century when art is largely conceptual, digitalised, abstract, a mixture of all movements, no particular trends at all. Is there any space for the old art of calligraphy? Susan Llewelyn Elvidge’s answer to this question is “yes”.


The Official Re-opening of Watford Recycling Arts Project

Belinda's Bash

Other people’s impressions

As artists many of us openly show more of our inner souls than probably any other line of work. Do we need to manage what we convey of ourselves to other people? I think we do. Because as artists we’re not just individuals expressing ourselves – each of us is also the champion of our own art business. If we don’t believe in and sell ourselves no one else will. So, personal branding (or impression management) is the topic of my article this month – what it is and how to do it.