Belinda's Bash

Belinda Naylor-Stables

by Belinda Naylor-Stables MA Design


How can different organisations pool resources to give more benefits to their members? It was a question raised at the mini charrette, hosted by UHArts on Friday 25 February 2011 at the Fielder Centre, Hatfield Businss Park. Arts funding cuts are going to affect what arts communities can do whether in higher education, or in a museum, a library, a theatre, an orchestra, a dance group or a visual arts group like HVA. So it could make sense to gain more by working with each other.

Local connections

When money is short ingenuity is key. So it will be interesting to see how UHArts develops and whether HVA members will benefit in the longer term. In the meantime do take advantage of the UHArts offerings open to the public: and on the right of the page click to view an impressive online Spring catalogue.

Business connections

Wherever you are on the art success ladder business skills are handy. There is a wealth of information about this online. I just thought I’d share some of my favourites… on creating and developing your art business. Some workshop funding means you have to have studied in London or be living there to benefit – but there is much more to this site. I like the search facility, resource library, fact sheets and brill podcasts. to see how Southon joined efforts with an artist and writer to create his bestseller, ‘The Beermat Entrepreneur’. I like the unfussy business know-how and tips here. which together with the Culture Show on TV keeps me updated. I like to search in different newspapers online – you can subscribe to most newspapers for free and elect to have arts articles emailed or added to your RSS feeds.

Art connections for state-of-the-art information and nationwide opportunities including arts jobs. When you subscribe you can also register for AIR (Artist Interaction & Representation) membership which then includes Product and Public Liability insurance – which you need for Open Studios, Art on the Common and some other exhibitions. to enter the famous Summer Exhibition this year. Why not? You are now running out of time to take part – according to the website entry forms are still available online in early March – after that it will be too late to think about it. You are allowed to enter 2 paintings for possible selection - £25 per application.

Gallery connections where HVA members can use the online gallery facilities and show their works. Have you done it? where you can display paintings for free but pay an administration charge for each sale. Always check the small print for this type of site – but this looks like a good one to me.

If you would like to share ideas for links with other organisations that HVA members could benefit from, or if you have any business or marketing tips, or any favourite sites that help or support your art business then please add your comments here! It’ll be much appreciated.


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