Jo's Web Wizardry

Jo Atherton

With Herts Open Studios looming on the horizon, this month I’m going to recap the ways in which we will be using social media to promote activities across the county. There are ways in which you can get involved by helping to spread the word - and we’d really appreciate it! Your involvement can help us create an amazing event across the county this year.

What will we be doing to promote Herts Open Studios on Facebook?

On our Facebook Page, we will be uploading those images that artists submitted for the Open Studios brochure. Every individual image will be accompanied by details which correspond to the printed brochure, such as website and map number, making it easy for you to cross reference.

For those HVA members that are on Facebook, we will be tagging you in the images of your artwork. This means that they will appear on your Profile, so it would be fabulous if you could then share that photo with your own friends - with any luck, they might share it too, helping us to reach the maximum amount of people in and around the County!

In the build up to Open Studios, typically, images will be uploaded to Facebook in batches of 6 every couple of days, to gradually grow awareness of the event. You can imagine the scale of the job, so if your image doesn’t appear straight away, so please be patient!

Will the same thing be happening on Twitter?

Yes, artists images will be uploaded to Twitter too, so if you aren’t already signed up, this would be the perfect time. This is publicity and promotion that we are undertaking for you, so it’s a great time to sign up and get involved to make the most of it. Last month’s newsletter explains Twitter for you, and the benefits of joining, so don’t be scared and give it a go!

Is there anywhere else I can help to promote Open Studios online?

As well as Facebook and Twitter, we’ll also be uploading images on Pinterest. Similar to sharing on Facebook, or retweeting on Twitter, you can ‘repin’ images to share them with your own followers. If you’re unfamiliar with Pinterest, why not read up on this fun way to share images?

Don’t forget about those more traditional means of promoting the event online. Do you have a website or blog? We’d really appreciate any mentions or features on the Open Studios event.

And finally, you don’t have to be a participating Herts Open Studios artist to help

Don’t feel that because you’re not exhibiting during Open Studios that we don’t need your help. If you’re planning on visiting artists, then why not tell the world about it? We’d love you to share images or comments about those artist studios that you do visit online, to help grow awareness of what promises to be a great event this year.