June 2012


Welcome to the June Issue of the Herts Visual Arts Newsletter.  Our next issue will be a combined July/August one, do look out for it in your inbox around the 18 July.  We look forward to seeing many of you at the AGM on Wednesday 6 June 2012 and at the Degree Show afterwards.


Opportunities loaded to the website this month include: Herts Visual Arts Exhibition at Harpenden Public Halls on 1 & 2 September (application forms available from openstudios@hvaf.org.uk) ... Studio Space in Watford .. Exhibiting opportunties at Luton Airport ... and more...


HVA Member Kim Roskell in the news ... and Friends of Little Cassiobury are raising awareness about their plans for an Arts & Heritage Centre in Watford....

Art Groups - News & Meetings

All members are welcome at our Art Group meetings.  To find out about arrangements for future meetings email the group leaders on the links at the end of this article.  What a success Living Crafts was this year ...

Jo's Web Wizardry

As we’ve discussed in previous newsletters, releasing your work on the internet is a fabulous way to publicise your work and gain feedback. People will not be viewing your original piece of art in a gallery or at your studio so it is very important to make sure the photographs you take are doing your work justice.

Belinda's Bash

Let’s face it…

This month I thought I’d talk about a part of  social media that nobody ever mentions - the face. I  also take in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (Tuesday 5 June 2012)  by  mentioning  Tracey Emin’s portrait of the Queen. And I invite you to do something special for yourself during the up and coming Herts Visual Arts AGM (Wednesday 6 June 2012).