Living Crafts 2011

The setting for the exhibition couldn’t have been better for the largest crafts event in Europe. With the magnificent Hatfield House in the background and ancient trees adorning the site, the grounds of the old estate provided a perfect landscape for a big art show.
Denise Bowser reports on her visit ....

Mike Caddy


So it was an opportunity not to be missed.

And we didn’t. In the middle of dozens of tents displaying everything from glass to leather, from jewellery to ceramics and from sculpture to fashion; among a myriad of many other inventive (and some unusual…!) art manifestations, there we were too, to publicise the wonders of Herts Visual Arts.

Kathy Prest

Susan Eglinton

Dawn Dominic

Tessa Barnes

John Spielman

According to committee member Mike Caddy all went to plan. “We had 3 to 4 artists each day demonstrating their craft ”.

Thursday was devoted to Textiles, Friday saw the turn of Sculpture, Saturday was dedicated to Painting and Sunday was focused on Glass.

Kathy Foster

In addition to showing their works and briefly explaining how to produce their pieces of art, members had a chance to talk about the benefits of their membership to HVA and could also promote the forthcoming Open Studios 2011.

Gerry Langton

Display at Living Crafts

Growing interest
“This year HVA’s tent was well visited”, committee member Jenny Timms tells me on the last day of the exhibition. “Nearly 100 people took away info about HVA”.

Apart from admiring the works on display, watching demos and asking questions, members of the public could also pick up cards, fliers and leaflets for future contact with HVA and artists themselves.

Textiles Display

Although this was only HVA’s second appearance at Living Crafts, Mike feels that “it would be great to have more members doing demos and displaying their works next year”.

Members interested in demonstrating at future events should contact Linda Warminger

by DENISE BOWSER (2012 dates confirmed as 10-13 May)