King Gifford Publishing

Writing, Designing and Publishing Artist’s Books

King Gifford is a new independent publisher of beautiful artist’s books and catalogues. Set up by Maxine King and Linda Gifford, the small team puts together in-house writing, bespoke design and liaises with high quality printers to create distinctive full colour publications.

Launched with tailor-made books for Herts Visual Arts members, King Gifford has produced a catalogue of recent works by Graham Boyd to accompany a solo exhibition of abstract paintings at Watford Museum, and a survey of sculptural works by John Farnham.

Maxine King (left) & Linda Gifford

Maxine King and Linda Gifford combine years of experience and specialist knowledge in the fields of visual art, design and print to create stylish publications.

Maxine specialises in sculpture and image production, and has worked as a journalist. Linda has many years of experience in design, with most of her own work produced in textiles.

Books and catalogues are created specifically with the artist in mind. The publisher establishes with the artist the style, design and format of the artist’s book, and produces text that can be checked prior to publishing.

“The books can document a project, promote a new body of work or provide an archive of early work. There are all kinds of reasons why an artist will want to show their work in a book. The catalogues we produce can accompany exhibitions for individual artists, groups of artists, curators, galleries or museums. Artists may even want to create a book as an alternative to exhibiting work,” commented Maxine King.

Titles are printed with ISBN’s and recorded at the British Library. This makes internet searches for the book much easier and is especially helpful when it comes to distribution.

“It’s a great way to promote or advertise your work. As well as the internet presence an artist may have, a book or catalogue can be sent out to galleries, buyers or bookshops.”

For more information, contact Maxine King on 01920413048 or email: .