HVAF Publicity Officer Jenny Timms reports on the Living Crafts event at Hatfield House, when HVAF artists brought their skills and techniques out into the fresh air...

IN the grounds of historic Hatfield House and among a myriad of craftsmen and women from all corners of the British Isles, members of HVAF were invited to demonstrate their work over the course of the four-day Living Crafts event in May.

With Spring in the air we had hoped for sunshine at least, but with temperatures as low as 7 degrees it proved a little chilly. However, our members were not deterred from showing the many visitors their artistic skills and creations.

On each day members offered different demonstrations. Starting on Thursday the textile group showed digital design, painting on silk and stitch techniques by hand and machine. Barbara Weeks of the textile group said: “We enjoyed the opportunity to work together on this event and feel part of a vibrant craft community”.

Friday brought the turn of the ceramic group. “We had an enjoyable day with the good company of colleagues and the opportunity to talk to visitors about the work on display and the pieces being made by those demonstrating. Many visitors were interested in the Forum and took away the literature available on both membership and future events”, commented ceramics group leader Mike Hardy.

On Saturday the glass group with Jenny Timms and Mike Caddy of Vitreus Art demonstrated the art of Tiffany stained glass with glass cutting, grinding, foiling and soldering, alongside a wonderful display of glasswork by other members.

Finally on Sunday it was the turn of the sculpture group to demonstrate alginate casting, sculpting with clay, carving alabaster and sculpting in wood. “A good day was had by all: Dawn Dominic, Lorraine Benton, John Farnham and Paul Bainbridge who brought his model along as well”, commented John Spielman, sculpture group organiser.

If anyone is interested in joining one of the many art groups that are an important part of HVAF please take a look at and send an email to whichever group seems to fit the bill for you.

And if there isn’t one that suits, you can of course start a group of your own with the support of HVAF!