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Jo Atherton

What is a hashtag?

This month, we consider the humble #hashtag, and how we are planning on using this powerful little symbol during #HertsOpenStudios

So firstly, the hashtag is a word or unspaced phrase prefixed with the # numbersign. Key words in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can become hashtags by putting the ‘#’ symbol before them.

One can then search for a particular hashtag to see posts on a certain topic, theme or phrase, particularly useful for newsworthy items, celebrity gossip or online events. This allows messages or posts on a certain theme to be grouped, and is especially effective in Twitter.

If you don’t already have a Twitter account, refresh your mind with our recent article, Why should I use Twitter? I just don’t get it, to find out how to register and learn more about the social media channel.

Using the hashtag for a weekly event online

Many counties hold a weekly hour, #NorfolkHour, for example, exists for locals to contiribute to an hour of discussion on Twitter. Did you know we have our own #Hertshour that takes place every Monday from 8-9pm? This is something that you can post anything that relates to your business, event or simply meet others by searching on the #HertsHour hashtag.

Another example is Coast Magazine who have also organised a #CoastHour on Twitter. These virtual meetings are usually themed, and it’s worth noting that Coast have already found three artists to feature in their magazine from these art and craft sessions. 

Once registered on Twitter, all you need to do is search on a particular #hashtag to join in on a discussion. It becomes easy to see how powerful this simple method of tagging your tweets can become, and this is where we are asking for your help.

Join us for #HertsOpenStudios

During Open Studios 2014, we are asking you to tag any of your tweets that relate to the event with #HertsOpenStudios. If you are on Twitter or Facebook, we would love it if you could tag any of your posts - this could be a photo, a post or tweet about preparation in the build up to the event, or even a studio visit. If you tag your post, we will be able to gain a measure of #HertsOpenStudios and easily see how many people are participating in the event. It will also help us create a buzz online around our county-wide event.