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Jo Atherton

Pinterest - what’s all the fuss about?

Imagine Pinterest as a bookmarking tool which allows you to share images from across the web to your own personal pinboards.  In Pinterest you can create as many boards as you like on any subject, be it sunsets, penguins, Harpenden or cakes, allowing you to curate your own mood boards.

Once registered, when you see a website image you like, you simply click a ‘pin it’ button in your browser which will then assign it to your chosen pinboard. Think of it as a new way of organising your bookmarks, but in visual form.

Why should I use it?

By our very nature, we artists are visual creatures. If you are anything like me, your workspace or studio is probably littered with sketches, photographs, scraps of images from magazines to trigger an idea or a memory. Pinterest offers you a much more organised way of curating your images and sharing with the world.

For example, I have been thinking about a project for sometime, so whenever I find myself doing a spot of research on the Web, I am sure to ‘pin’ any useful or thought provoking images to one of my boards

Why is it so useful for artists?

Not only does Pinterest allow you to organise your own inspirations, and share your favourite pictures, it’s also another great way to get your own work out there. Visual art, craft and design are some of the most popular topics on the site, so there is already a captive audience out there looking for artwork online.

The ethos of Pinterest is not meant to be about self promotion, but rather being part of a community, sharing favourite images, commenting and being part of a community. That said, it’s a fabulous place to share your own work and seek feedback. For example, you may want to create boards for new work, prints, work in progress, the studio, commissions, favourite equipment - the list really is endless.

How do I join?

Simply visit and sign up. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, this is made easier as you can register with your existing account.

Within the first day of joining I was addicted! I felt much more in control of my ideas, found myself organising my inspirations and thoroughly enjoyed the fun of curating my own creative thought processes. (My desk is looking much tidier now too!)

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